(Metabit was acquired by NYSE Technologies in September 2011)

Hardware-Based Routers Provide Performance Boost to FIX-Based Trading Platforms

OTTAWA and TOKYO, May 26, 2009 – Solace Systems, the leader in messaging middleware and content networking hardware, today announced that Tokyo-based trading technology provider MetaBit has selected Solace 3260 Content Routers to boost the performance of their trading platforms. Both of MetaBit’s products – XiliX, an intuitive FIX-enabled multi-market DMA (Direct Market Access) trading platform, and MLH, its product-agnostic FIX Market Liquidity Hub – will be integrated with Solace’s low-latency, high throughput routing technology.

Today’s traders know that each millisecond of advantage they hold over competitors can generate increased profits, so today’s connectivity providers must address their need for ever lower latency. Providers that truly understand this problem are turning to hardware-based messaging technology, as middleware software running on general-purpose servers cannot meet current or future performance requirements.

“MetaBit is dedicated to providing its clients with the best-of-breed technology they need to compete in today’s fast-paced markets, ” said Daniel Burgin, CEO of MetaBit. “It became evident that Solace’s content routers would complement XiliX and MLH DMA solutions with the fastest speed and plenty of throughput headroom to meet MetaBit’s growing demand.”

Solace’s field programmable gate array (FPGA) and network processor-based technology provides the fully failsafe, guaranteed messaging functionality that order and execution management systems require with extremely predictable and low latency.

“Solace’s technology is an excellent fit with MetaBit’s connectivity products as we’re able to provide an easily integrated, guaranteed and reliable messaging solution that offers superior performance and consistency when compared to traditional software, ” said Crispin Clarke, SVP Asia and Latin America. “We are pleased to be working with a partner at the leading edge of high-performance DMA trading and order management solutions in Japan and Asia.”

About MetaBit
MetaBit is the provider of the MLH (Market Liquidity Hub), an Asian broker portal that offers Direct Market Access (DMA) to 29 brokers and access to ten exchanges through its intuitive DMA buy side trading platform XiliX. The MLH is also accessible through the FIX Protocol, and provides access to more than 1, 800 execution destinations worldwide in conjunction with MetaBit’s FIX partner networks. MetaBit is the only provider of pure FIX to native exchange connectivity to TSE, OSE, JASDAQ and TOCOM that focus on high performance and sustained latency below 0.3 milliseconds. Other products include Exchange Message Simulators to Japan’s major stock exchanges, and FIX testing and certification products. MetaBit actively promotes FIX throughout Asia.

XiliX and MLH are registered trademarks of MetaBit.