Annual awards celebrate partners with demonstrated excellence in helping customers optimize their business with event-driven architecture.

Solace Announces Winners of 2022 Partner Awards
Ottawa (June 16, 2022) – Solace, the leading enabler of event-driven architecture for real-time enterprises, announced today the recipients of the company’s Solace Partner Awards.

The awards recognize the important role partners play in Solace’s mission to help enterprises make their business operations and customer interactions real-time through the power of event-driven architecture (EDA). According to a recent global EDA Survey, close to two-thirds of the 840 respondents (59%) agreed that finding the right strategic partner was among the top five keys to a successful EDA migration.

“Despite dealing with intense periods of supply chain outages, talent and skills shortages, and other market disruptions, our partner ecosystem have embraced these challenges as opportunities, and have played a significant role in helping deliver the power of EDA to our joint customers worldwide,” said Tim Wong, Chief Revenue Officer, Solace. “I congratulate our 2022 Partner Awards recipients and look forward to deepening these relationships further as we collaborate on enabling the real-time enterprise.”

The 2022 Solace Partner Awards comprise nine categories that recognize the tremendous achievements attained by Solace’s partner ecosystem and considers partners across all industries, countries and segments of the market. The full list of winners is as follows:

Partner of the Year: Boomi

Together, Boomi and Solace have helped dozens of joint customers enable real-time communications between applications and devices across their enterprises by event enabling their Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS) deployments.

Regional Partner of the Year (ASEAN): NCS

This year, NCS and Solace helped several joint customers build event meshes that served as the real-time data distribution foundation of a next-generation payment system and a system-wide information management (SWIM) system in the aviation space.

Rising Star Award: Sirius

One of Solace’s newest partners, Sirius has quickly established themselves as a valuable partner in the region. Sirius has made PubSub+ a key element of a middleware platform they’ve built based on Gartner’s Hybrid Integration Platform. They also helped a large bank modernize their mobile trading platform and are rolling out a solution that will help customers and prospects in ASEAN and Latin America embrace open banking.

Event-Driven Leadership Award (Mid Market): Appronto

Appronto is an IT consultancy based in the Netherlands that specializes in the development of low-code solutions and cloud-based integrations. Over the past year, Appronto has guided several of their mid-enterprise clients to adopt PubSub+ and introduce them to the benefits that real-time capabilities can deliver for their business and from their Boomi investments.

Event-Driven Leadership Award (Europe): Thinkport

Thinkport is one of Germany’s leading experts on event-driven architecture and has helped several joint customers use Solace’s products to achieve digital transformation success. Recently, they helped retail giant EDEKA implement a merchandise management system that disseminates information about 700,000 products to 6,000 stores.

Event-Driven Leadership Award (North America): Cognizant

Cognizant is a multi-national IT services and consulting company that has established expertise in helping companies understand how to best utilize Kafka and/or Solace to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Event-Driven Leadership Award (Hong Kong): PCCW Solutions

PCCW Solutions has helped financial institutions in Hong Kong, China and across southwest Asia leverage Solace’s technology and EDA to create business value and succeed in the region’s ever-changing economic environment.

Event-Driven Leadership Award (Korea): Azwell Plus

A valued Solace partner since 2017, Azwell Plus has helped many leading Korean enterprises benefit from EDA with the help of Solace’s products. This year, Azwell Plus helped joint customer KRX successfully complete their “Next Generation” project, and they continue to help Solace develop new accounts and opportunities.

Event-Driven Leadership Award (Japan): NEC

NEC has helped leading Japanese enterprises implement event-driven architecture with the help of Solace’s products. They even made Solace’s products a key component of their NEC Smart Connectivity offering and have now committed to make them the cornerstone of their Data Connect solution.

For more information on Solace’s partner network, please visit our Partner Ecosystem page.

About Solace:

Solace helps large enterprises become modern and real-time by giving them everything they need to make their business operations and customer interactions event-driven. With PubSub+, the market’s first and only event management platform, the company provides a comprehensive way to create, document, discover and stream events from where they are produced to where they need to be consumed – securely, reliably, quickly, and guaranteed. Behind Solace technology is the world’s leading group of data movement experts, with over 20 years of experience helping global enterprises solve some of the most demanding challenges in a variety of industries – from capital markets, retail, and gaming to space, aviation, and automotive. Established enterprises such as SAP, Barclays and NASA, multinational automobile manufacturers such as Daimler, Groupe Renault and Groupe PSA, and industry disruptors such as the Singapore Land Transport Authority use Solace’s advanced event broker technologies to modernize legacy applications, deploy modern microservices, and build an event mesh to support their hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and IoT architectures. Learn more at

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