New Product Quadruples Throughput of Solace 3260 Messaging Appliance to Meet Needs of Big Data, Capital Markets, Machine-to-Machine, and Mobile Initiatives

OTTAWA, Ontario, May 29, 2013 – Solace Systems announced today a new Network Acceleration Blade that quadruples the throughput of its Solace 3260 middleware appliance so companies can manage ever-increasing volumes of big data such as activity logs, mobile usage data, market data, sensor readings, social interactions and user-driven content without increasing the physical footprint of their messaging infrastructure.

With six 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, the new 6x10GE Network Acceleration Blade enables each Solace 3260 appliance to route 40 Gigabits per second of bidirectional traffic for a total of 80 Gigabits per second — 4 times higher throughput than the previously top of the line 2x10GE version of the product. At these rates, a pair of Solace 3260 appliances equipped with the new 6x10GE Network Acceleration Blade can move as much as 1.7 petabytes of data per day. Current customers can increase the capacity of their Solace 3260 appliances by simply replacing their Network Acceleration Blades.

“Big data, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, real-time enterprise initiatives and mobile computing are increasing the amount of data that companies need to archive, analyze and distribute, ” said Shawn McAllister, Solace’s CTO. “Building the infrastructure to intelligently route big data by horizontally scaling software is expensive and inefficient so companies see significant savings by vertically scaling within the footprint of their Solace appliances.”

“Applications that require high-performance data movement are becoming more common in mainstream enterprises because of the accelerating pace of business and the decreasing cost of data, ” according to a recent report by Roy Schulte, distinguished analyst and Daniel Sholler, research vice president at Gartner. “Most enterprises will need to make substantial upgrades in their data movement infrastructure and application design practices during 2013 to 2017 to meet escalating business requirements.*”

The new Network Acceleration Blade improves the 3260 appliance’s performance by increasing internal memory, increasing end user connection counts, doubling compression capacity, doubling the speed of secure SSL encryption/decryption and decreasing fanout latency by as much as 60%.

The new 6x10GE Network Acceleration Blade is available to select customers now, and will be generally available in the summer 2013.

* Gartner, Inc., Use High-Performance Infrastructure to Support Big Data in Motion, W. Roy Schulte, Daniel Sholler, August 10, 2012.