OTTAWA and VANCOUVER, August 3, 2010 – Solace Systems, the leading provider of messaging middleware appliances, and Layer 7 Technologies, the leader in security and governance for SOA and cloud, today announced the integration of Solace’s message routers with Layer 7’s SecureSpan™ Gateways. The combination of these appliances offers unmatched security, manageability and scalability for SOA and cloud integration.

The Layer 7 SecureSpan XML Gateway provides a wide range of capabilities for SOA, web services and cloud environments, such as regulating access to services, enforcing policies, protecting against malicious attacks and enabling policy-based integration. Using Solace’s messaging appliance in conjunction with the XML Gateway allows enterprise architects to create new virtual enterprise service buses (ESBs) with unprecedented performance and policy-based controls for security, management and integration.

“Layer 7 is widely recognized as a leader in SOA/cloud security and connectivity solutions, and is a natural complement to Solace’s high-speed, message-oriented middleware solution, ” said Shawn McAllister, CTO at Solace. “With the ability to be deployed as turnkey appliances, our combined solutions make the management of XML-based web services, security and content networking much easier and faster to roll out than software running on servers.”

The growth in latency-sensitive communications has expanded into wide area network (WAN) and cloud offload scenarios. Together, Solace’s middleware appliances and Layer 7’s XML Gateways provide an easily deployable, pre-configured hardware solution for sharing critical real-time data across organizational boundaries and clouds.

“Solace’s appliance-based approach to messaging provides firms with a massively scalable content distribution backbone, ” said Dimitri Sirota, VP alliances and marketing at Layer 7 Technologies. “Together, our technologies expand the potential of scalable and elastic web and web services-based applications.”

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