Combination of Next-Generation Messaging Middleware and Mainframe Integration Software Unlocks Mainframe Information and Modernizes Applications without Touching Code

Learn how Solace and HostBridge modernize the mainframe.

Ottawa, Ont. and Stillwater, Okla., April 28, 2015 – Solace Systems and HostBridge Technology announced today that they have integrated their messaging middleware and mainframe integration solutions to link critical mainframe systems with modern applications and architectures so they can send and receive large volumes of real-time information, all without modifying any mainframe code.

HostBridge is the only mainframe-resident Web services solution powered by server-side JavaScript, the same technology used by today’s cloud, analytics, Web, and mobile innovators. Companies use HostBridge to transform mainframe-based transactions, programs, and data into object-oriented applications that interoperate seamlessly with any distributed information asset.

“In striving to capitalize on trends like big data, cloud computing, ubiquitous mobility and the Internet of Things, companies look to our next-gen messaging middleware to help their IT systems handle ever-increasing amounts of data, distribution of processing and diversity of endpoints, ” said Denis King, EVP of Strategic Alliances for Solace Systems. “HostBridge makes it easy to get these next-generation systems working with trusted systems of record that have handled core business functions on the mainframe for decades, and will do so for the foreseeable future.”

Solace’s next-generation messaging middleware can collect and intelligently distribute very large volumes of information – many millions of messages per second between tens of thousands of recipients. Customers use Solace to improve and scale the data sharing capabilities of their existing enterprise applications, and to tackle data distribution challenges in new areas such as big data, global e-commerce, mobile outreach and the Internet of Things.

“By leveraging the HostBridge integration layer Solace’s powerful messaging solution unlocks information currently available only via batch processes and breathes new life into mainframe systems by giving them the power to receive and send information in real-time, as modern computing systems demand, ” said Russ Teubner, HostBridge CEO.

Solace and HostBridge have successfully worked with several joint customers,  and the HostBridge to Solace Connector is available now.

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