Live E! Consortium to Use Solace Value-Added Services Router in Distribution Network for Real-Time Communications

Tokyo , Japan – Interop Tokyo – June 7, 2006 –Solace Systems, the leader in value-added services (VAS) routing systems, today announced that the Live E! Consortium’s device sensing network will deploy Solace’s VRS/32 Value-Added Services Routing System to improve its distribution of real-time global environmental data . Solace’s VRS/32 will be operated by Net One Systems Co., Ltd., Japan’s largest network solution provider.

Disaster predictions and environmental improvements can be more accurately identified and addressed with enhanced information. The Live E! network will improve the collection, distribution and analysis of real-time data to help researchers better understand the impact of environmental conditions and analyze the correlation between the data and natural disasters.

The Live E! network will collect, organize and disseminate environmental data recorded on Digital Thermometer Screens across Japan. As this information is captured, the Solace Systems VRS/32 Value-Added Services Routing System will filter and route it directly to the individuals that need it. The existing system requires information to be consolidated and redistributed before becoming relevant to users. With the new Live E! system, the network itself understands both the data and the end user’s requirements. Critical environmental data gets where it needs to be faster and more efficiently. For example, information about temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure is captured across the country by Digital Thermometer Screens and then is distributed in real-time, directly by the network to the researchers and government officials that study environmental change and emergencies.

“We are working with Solace Systems to build an evolutionary network that will enable Live E! to support a safer and more secure global environment, ” said Toyoki Kasahara , Deputy General Manager of Network Technology Operations, Net One Systems. “Solace’s unique ability to create intelligent content-aware networks is allowing us to build a system that will be flexible enough to address the needs and requirements of our varied audiences including education, public service, and corporate applications.”

“The Live E! network collects an enormous amount of environmental data that needs to be processed and analyzed in a timely manner to remain relevant. Moving the content routing into the network not only accelerates the delivery of the information, but increases the value as we broaden the pool of people who can now benefit from the data, ” said Crispin Clarke, Sr. Vice President of Global Business Development, Solace Systems. “We are very excited to be working with Live E! on the implementation of this important real-time network.”

 About Live E!

The Live E! Consortium was founded by WIDE Project , IPv6 Promotion Council , and U18 IPv6 Ubiquitous Society Promotion Council, along with Cisco Systems Inc., Dai-dan Co., Ltd., Echelon Japan K.K., IRI-Ubiteq, Inc., Japan Weather Association, Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc. , Net One Systems Co., Ltd., Nippon Telegraph , Telephone East Corporation , Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd., and Weathernews Inc. Live E! is promoting the use of network based technologies to move beyond climatic forecast for environmental prediction and protection. As educational institutes, public services and businesses leverage the available information, new businesses will be established and additional advancements made in support of creating a better awareness of how weather patterns can be read to forecast environmental threats.

About Net One Systems

Net One Systems Co., Ltd. ( ) assesses the latest trends in cutting edge technology and develops network systems by providing high quality technology services to self-selected and verified products. Net One joined the Live E! Consortium in 2005 to explore how highly advanced network technologies can help promote environmental protection. The company is dedicated to supporting Live E!’s data collection and creation of an information platform.


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