Single Chassis Combines All Major Types of Messaging Application Services with Appliance Ease-of-Use and Best-of-Breed Performance

OTTAWA, June 22, 2009 – Solace Systems today announced the Unified Messaging Platform, the first solution to consolidate all the elements of an enterprise messaging system into a single hardware device with one API and management framework.

The Unified Messaging Platform performs all kinds of messaging including ultra-low latency, high fanout, guaranteed message queuing, and WAN distribution, each with much better performance, reliability and scalability than software. The Unified Messaging Platform also handles related functions required by distributed applications such as content routing, message transformation, distributed caching, and integration with other messaging environments and business applications.

“Messaging is undergoing something of a Renaissance. Messaging volumes are growing exponentially because of escalating business requirements and the spread of event processing and cloud computing, ” said Roy Schulte, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “A variety of new messaging technologies is emerging to address the latency, throughput and quality-of-service needs of modern business.”

Over the years, most enterprises have acquired and built many different messaging systems to serve as the infrastructure for their distributed applications. Each must be separately deployed, made redundant, managed and upgraded. The incompatibility of all of this technology means higher costs for development and operations, and requires a large investment in servers and data center resources to keep it all running. Solace’s Unified Messaging Platform simplifies this infrastructure to reduce time-to-market for new applications, streamline operations and lower expense.

“Historically, companies have had to cobble together their application infrastructure with one vendor’s reliable messaging solution, another’s queuing solution, and yet another’s low latency solution, then tie them all together with commercial and home-grown adapters, ” said Shawn McAllister, chief architect at Solace. “By handling all kinds of messaging with one API, Solace’s Unified Messaging Platform eliminates the need to train distinct development teams and deploy discrete infrastructure for each kind of messaging.”