All-Hardware Solution Enables Absolute and Deterministic Ultra Low Latency Performance

OTTAWA, June 9, 2010 – Solace Systems, the leading provider of hardware-based middleware, today announced a partnership with NovaSparks (formerly known as HPC Platform), specialists in low latency market data Ticker Plant and distribution systems. The integration of Solace’s Unified Messaging Platform and NovaSparks’ all-hardware FPGA-based Ticker Plant solutions will enable customers to achieve ultra low latency market data distribution with absolute and deterministic performance.

By processing and distributing market data entirely in hardware, customers can avoid common pitfalls of software-based systems. NovaSparks’ market data Ticker Plant can integrate directly with a Solace Message Router to distribute the decoded market data to a range of trading applications.

“Our partnership with NovaSparks provides customers with an innovative hardware-based way of delivering market data across the enterprise with low, predictable latency, ” said Shawn McAllister, CTO at Solace. “With this type of architecture, data spikes are easily absorbed so all data consumers can get consistent performance even under load.”

“With Solace’s growing popularity in high performance trading, the integration of our solutions is a natural fit, ” said Eric Le Rolland, CEO at NovaSparks. “The powerful combination of our hardware-based Ticker Plants and Solace’s unique approach to data distribution satisfies customer demand for out-of-the-box market data acceleration and consumption across the enterprise.”
Solace and NovaSparks will be sharing the details of the solution with joint customers and prospects over the coming months including specific beta test and general availability dates.