Industry-Standard Monitoring Tool Enables As-It-Happens Visualization of Mission-Critical Network Data

OTTAWA, June 22, 2009 – Solace Systems, the leader in messaging middleware and content networking hardware, today announced a partnership with SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time monitoring, analytics and visualization software. SL’s widely-adopted RTView platform will be used with Solace’s content router management framework to provide customers with a visual, real-time way of monitoring, analyzing and managing the many types of messaging supported by Solace’s Unified Messaging Platform.

Solace’s hardware-based messaging products can gather an array of metrics in real-time with zero impact on performance. The combined solution allows network and middleware operations teams to fully leverage this detailed real-time information. Through RTView’s customizable dashboards, alerts and reports, network managers have the ability to view, plot, analyze and respond in real-time to events occurring within their Solace network and other RTView-supported products.

“Monitoring and management are critical aspects of maintaining the competitive advantage that a hardware-based messaging infrastructure provides, ” said Shawn McAllister, chief architect at Solace Systems. “SL’s RTView is a highly effective means of keeping global deployments operating at peak efficiency, and will bring immediate value to our customers.”

In addition to its robust monitoring capabilities, RTView enables users to archive historical performance data and compare it to real-time data for both trending analysis and capacity planning.

“Solace’s hardware-based messaging network is pushing the boundaries of performance, and as speeds and throughput increase so does the requirement for robust monitoring, ” said Rodney Morrison, SL’s vice president of products. “RTView was built from the ground up to handle real-time information efficiently and we are excited to be working with Solace to monitor and manage the next generation of network-based messaging.”

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