Integrated Hardware-Based Ticker Plant and Messaging Systems to Offer Faster, Simpler Delivery of Market Data

OTTAWA, April 13, 2010 – Solace Systems, the leading provider of hardware-based middleware, today announced a technology partnership with Redline Trading Solutions, a leading provider of low-latency market data solutions. The combination of Redline’s InRush embedded ticker plant solution and Solace’s Unified Messaging Platform will provide customers with a full solution for consistent, ultra-low latency market data acquisition and distribution.

Solace and Redline have developed a proof-of-concept prototype demonstrating the integration of Redline’s InRush accelerated ticker plant card within the Solace 3260 Message Router. The joint solution would provide customers with a single box that leverages hardware-based technology for both feed handling and distribution to achieve very low and consistent latency. By consolidating both ticker plant and distribution to local and remote applications on a single appliance, network complexity as well as power, cooling and datacenter space are all reduced.

“Redline’s hardware-accelerated solution is tightly aligned with Solace’s vision – that hardware is the path to low, consistent latency in trading systems, ” said Shawn McAllister, Solace’s CTO. “Embedding InRush directly within a Solace 3260 Message Router gives customers a single-box, hardware-accelerated solution that will make market data distribution fast and predictable for algo engines, human traders and even across WAN links.”

In the prototype, Redline’s InRush cell-based processor card was directly integrated into the Solace 3260 Message Router. Physically embedding feed handling and ticker plant functionality with market data distribution eliminates the need for additional ticker plant hardware, removes a network hop from the feed handler to the messaging system, and reduces operational effort. For trading firms, this simplifies and improves the performance of market data delivery firmwide.

“Our customers are seeking leading-edge technologies that provide the best possible performance for their trading applications, ” said Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline. “The integration of Redline and Solace technologies provides a solution that excels at both the ultra-low latency and firmwide market data use cases.”

Solace and Redline will be sharing the details of the solution with joint customers and prospects over the coming months including specific beta test and general availability dates.