Industry-Leading Monitoring Solution Now Gives Unprecedented Visibility into Solace Environments

Ottawa, Ontario and Corte Madera, CA, October 14, 2014 – Solace Systems announced today that SL Corporation, a leading provider of IT monitoring solutions, has introduced a solution that gives system administrators and application support teams more unified and visual information about the state and performance of their Solace message routers.

The Solution Package for Solace Message Router gives their RTView® Enterprise Monitor™ product the ability to tap into the real-time performance data captured by Solace message routers, and complement Solace’s native admin tool SolAdmin.

“As companies deploy more Solace message routers, their IT teams need increasingly sophisticated tools for monitoring and managing their system, ” said Denis King, Solace SVP of field operations and strategic alliances. “By using SL’s RTView Enterprise Monitor application, they can monitor the performance of their applications and supporting infrastructure with a single product.”

The RTView Enterprise Monitor application lets customers quickly deploy pre-built Web dashboards featuring heat maps and other visual indicators that give them quick, contextual understanding of their system’s performance, with the ability to drill down into underlying data as needed. These dashboards can also display real-time conditions with historical data to aid in the identification of performance trends and spikes.

The RTView Enterprise Monitor application can help IT groups recognize when application demands threaten to overwhelm available queues or topics so companies can allocate additional resources within the Solace message router, or provision a new virtual message broker, to meet those needs.

“We pride ourselves on offering monitoring solutions for all of the key technologies companies rely on to power their business processes and customer-facing services, and Solace has quickly become a valued part of many companies’ data distribution infrastructure, ” said Ted Wilson, Chief Operating Officer at SL.

The Solution Package for Solace Message Router is available now, directly from SL. For more information, visit the SL website at :