Combination of Thermo Fisher Scientific ViewPoint Enterprise Software and Solace Message Routers Enables Real-time Filtration and Forwarding of Sensor Readings

OTTAWA and WALTHAM, Mass., January 26, 2010 – Solace Systems and Thermo Fisher Scientific today announced a technology partnership to combine the capabilities of Thermo Scientific software and Solace’s hardware-based message routers for sophisticated nuclear threat monitoring using sensor readings and geospatial coordinates. The solution enables exceptional sensor readings to be routed to the right individuals and applications across intelligence and response agencies based on the nature and location of the reading. The first public customer for this joint solution was also announced today in the release entitled: “DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office Selects Solace Systems Geospatial Routing Solution for Emergency Management Network”.

The integration of Solace and Thermo Scientific technology results in a fully automated backbone for processing large volumes of sensor data in real time using a dynamic set of rules that determine which information is needed where. For example, one set of responses may be triggered by a certain radioactivity threshold, and another may be triggered by the location of the reading. Solace’s message routers can handle millions of messages per second with low latency, so they can be directly fed by very large numbers of fixed and mobile Thermo Scientific sensors.

“Thermo Scientific-driven sensor networks are remarkably powerful vehicles for building automated systems that support the rapid detection of conditions that represent potential threats, ” said Shawn McAllister, CTO at Solace Systems. “By evaluating and routing the data they generate in real time, Solace’s technology gives the decision makers the situational awareness they need to take effective action.”

Solace message routers use hardware-based transformation and XML document processing to integrate seamlessly with existing emergency data networks by distributing alerts in multiple formats including EDXL, ANSI N42.42 and National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) N.25.

“Solace’s message routers are an excellent addition to large mission-critical sensor networks with their built-in fault tolerance and easily integrated API, ” said Johnny Long, global integrated solutions product manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific. “With the combination of our Thermo Scientific ViewPoint Enterprise software solutions and Solace’s message router infrastructure, organizations can be confident that a complete picture of a given situation will be available to the first responders and operations teams who need it most.”

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