Solace’s JMS Messaging to Enable Low Latency Electronic Trading

OTTAWA, June 8, 2010 – Solace Systems, the leading provider of middleware appliances, announced today that Two Sigma Investments, LLC (“Two Sigma”), a leader in process-driven, systematic trading, has selected Solace’s JMS messaging solution for use in its core trading infrastructure. The platform will support numerous application-based messaging functions within Two Sigma, which has multiple offices and several billion dollars of assets under management.

Two Sigma conducted extensive research and testing of competitive messaging solutions before selecting Solace for its consistently fast performance and high reliability. Solace’s message routers are projected to reduce the datacenter footprint of Two Sigma’s messaging infrastructure while also providing improved monitoring and management.

“Technological advantage is one of the keys to Two Sigma’s success, and we realized that to remain highly competitive we needed to thoroughly evaluate all available messaging technologies, ” said Christos Zoulas, Two Sigma’s chief technology officer. “We found Solace exceeded our requirements during extensive testing and we believe that the quality of their product is outstanding.”

Initial Two Sigma applications will be in production on Solace in June 2010 with additional consolidation of legacy Two Sigma messaging products planned throughout the year.

“Two Sigma is widely recognized as being among the most technologically advanced electronic trading specialists in the world, ” said Craig Betts, CEO of Solace Systems. “We are pleased to include such a prestigious firm among the growing list of buy-sides committed to hardware-based messaging.”