Get the actionable alerts you need

Proactive alerts are sent based on pre-configured thresholds and status events to help operations teams address developing issues and optimize system performance.

Get the actionable alerts you need

Key capabilities

Improve uptime

Improves uptime, performance and security by allowing you to address proactive alerts about system, VPN and client events

See the trends

Provides historical trends and actionable insights to optimize end-user services

Event Mesh

Continuous optimization

Helps optimize performance by collecting broker metrics and events, and storing them for analysis and action

Avoid integration hassles

Eliminates the need to build something homegrown or purchase a third-party monitoring solution

Unlike the other monitoring solutions out there, PubSub+ Monitor means:


No more either/or

Collect both metrics and status events in real-time


Includes many pre-configured thresholds and alerts

Easy deployment

Featuring agentless architecture so you can quickly get rolling

Order Management and Trading Platforms

All in one place

Unifies monitoring of all your PubSub+ software and hardware brokers

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