A complete, proactive, worry-free service​

With PubSub+ Remote Monitoring and Management Service (RMMS), Solace Support experts remotely monitor your brokers and ensure they are operating within designed parameters. ​

If an issue occurs – such as a queue becoming full or an unexpected change in message traffic – our team is immediately alerted, identifies the root cause and works with your operations team to make any changes required, often before any external applications are affected.​

RMMS Includes​

  • Complete, customized event mesh solution remotely monitored and managed by Global Solace Experts 24x7x365​
  • Oversight by a Customer Service Owner who’s intimately familiar with your business and technical needs​

  • Proactive, predictive service to​ ensure end-to-end availability now and over time​
  • Immediate interactive notification from Solace experts for anything requiring action by your team​
  • Configuration changes, upgrades, capacity analysis, solution scaling​

Focus on Your Business – Leave Event Infrastructure to Solace​

  • Worry-free identification and resolution of any event-broker related issues that arise​
  • Improve uptime of business-critical applications that rely on event brokers​
  • Avoid lost revenue or reputation due to downtime​

  • Reduce TCO for your event streaming and distribution infrastructure​
  • Focus enterprise resources on business outcomes rather than event-broker infrastructure​
  • Ensure event brokers and event mesh are set up and run according to best practices​

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