Solace message routers have been optimized to efficiently distribute large amounts of data over wide area networks (WANs), enabling game-changing performance by eliminating many of the constraints imposed by today’s solutions.

wan-diagram-high-levelEnterprise applications frequently require WAN distribution and synchronization across geographically-dispersed sites for disaster recovery, performance, scalability, and separation of concerns.

With several features you would typically find only in dedicated WAN optimization products, Solace’s platform offers unparalleled performance and bandwidth utilization.

  • TCP Optimizations: Solace uses parallel TCP connections to enable many messages to flow simultaneously, and gives administrators control over TCP slow start and TCP congestion management parameters, buffer levels and more.
  • High performance messaging: Solace appliances can route hundreds of thousands of guaranteed messages a second, and if data rates exceed available bandwidth messages are automatically buffered to prevent data loss even amidst massive traffic spikes.
  • Bandwidth efficiency: Solace’s routing protocols ensure that data is only sent over the network to appliances with relevant subscribers. Solace also only sends one copy of each message across the WAN link where bandwidth is at a premium, performing message fanout at the edge of the network once back in the LAN environment.
  • Compression/decompression: Solace’s solution supports streaming compression and decompression on a per client basis to increase bandwidth efficiency and utilization.