THIS IS A CHANGE! Solace’s hardware supports web messaging so companies can distribute data over the internet using the same messaging platform they use for internal data distribution, all with a turnkey appliance.


solace-web-messaging-architectureTwo trends are revolutionizing how people access information: The ubiquitous mobile devices that put internet access at their fingertips at all times; and new protocols and presentation technologies that bring web apps and pages to life with dynamically updated stock charts, sports scores, and social media alerts. Solace supports web messaging so companies can share information with customers and partners over the internet and mobile network, all as part of the same platform they use for internal enterprise messaging over local and wide area networks.

  • Lowest latency, highest message rate.
  • Unified platform for internal messaging and internet streaming.
  • Sophisticated messaging features and semantics such as pub/sub, request/reply, fanout, rate control, filtration, and message prioritization.

Use Cases

Trading Dashboards

trading_image.pngIdeal platform for deploying Single Dealer Platforms and other trader-oriented dashboards.

  • Fastest, most predictable, most robust web streaming product on the market
  • Seamless solution for intranet messaging and web streaming simplifies the aggregation and presentation of data from many sources.
  • Critical capabilities such as flexible data access controls, message rate controls, and message prioritization.

The example application shown here is an HTML5 application built by Lab49 leveraging a number of JavaScript frameworks. It leverages Paremus OSGi Service Fabric and Akka to deliver a low latency scalable agent-actor architecture offering Request For Quote (RFQ), Request For Stream (RFS), execution and content.

Online Gaming

gaming_image.pngMulti-player gaming and gambling applications and web sites can improve performance, scale and simplicity of operations.

  • Reliably fast information and interactivity lets players act with maximum confidence.
  • Peer-to-peer traffic can be routed independently of gaming engine traffic to keep systems responsive.
  • Multiple classes of services for status-only updates versus transactions like in game purchases or wagers.


commerce_image.pngProviders of online marketplaces can provide an ever evolving view of purchase and promotional opportunities.

  • Seamless presentation of real-time information flowing between both users and back-end systems.
  • Dynamically-updated mobile apps can offer unprecedented opportunities for location-based services.
  • Dynamic interfaces let users watch bids, prices and specials as they appear and evolve.