Dynamic Message Routing

Dynamic message routing (DMR) is a self-learning routing mechanism that automatically distributes subscriptions and events between PubSub+ event brokers so applications and devices can share information as if they are connected to the same broker.

  • Reduces networking costs and optimizes performance by publishing events only to subscribed clients.
  • Increases your system’s resilience by automatically identifying the fastest path, even in the event of failures.

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Smart Hierarchical Topics

PubSub+ topics describe messages with multiple levels and wildcards so event brokers can route communications to applications that need it.

  • Reduces the number of topics, saving you money on the network, egress, and processing costs while enhancing security.
  • Accommodates unforeseen and future demands.

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High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Solace PubSub+ event brokers support high availability and disaster recovery without the need for third-party components or services.

  • Makes managing HA/DR environments easier.
  • Optimizes your failover for performance or zero message loss by replicating events and their delivery states synchronously or asynchronously.

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Integrations and Connectors

PubSub+ makes it easy to integrate all kinds of applications with connectors and packaged integrations for popular, APIs, programming languages, and protocols.

  • Keeps applications simple by letting them send and receive messages in their preferred format
  • Lets architects select best-of-breed solutions without worrying about how they will connect to your event mesh

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Cloud Native and Cloud Agnostic

Solace PubSub+ software is available as cloud-native services in Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon AWS, and supports no-code/low-code integration with services like SQS, SNS, Kinesis, S3, and Lambda so you can select cloud services based on cost, features, and performance without worrying about vendor lock-in.

  • Enables organizations to leverage best-of-breed applications regardless of cloud vendor
  • Delivers purchasing departments with options to order in the cloud marketplace or direct from Solace.

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Distributed Tracing

Observability has entered the mainstream with organizations using OpenTelemetry for end-to-end tracking of events from publication to destination. PubSub+ Distributed Tracing makes it easy to add observability to your event mesh.

  • Reduces the time to detect and resolve bugs during development,
  • Makes troubleshooting problems for operations teams easier
  • Provides better proof of delivery and data lineage for compliance.

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