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Declarative SEMPSelf Service ConfigurationEnhanced IntegrationArtificial Intelligence

declarative SEMP

Declarative Configuration of PubSub+ Event Broker with Infrastructure as Code

dSEMP makes it much simpler to enable developers to configure brokers for applications following standard CI/CD processes. Watch as Principal Product Manager, Rob Tomkins demonstrates dSEMP to add an Integrated Kafka Bridge to an existing event mesh and stream events from the operational platform into a new analytics platform using Github actions.

self service broker configuration

Self Service Broker Configuration in PubSub+ Event Portal

PubSub+ Event Portal makes it easy to coordinate the full workflow and lifecycle of event driven application development from cataloging and discovery to versioning and back again. Darry MacRae shows a great new feature entering early access, designed to give architects and developers the ability to configure brokers from within the Event Portal environment.

self service broker configuration
enhanced integration

Enhanced Integration: Connectors and Connector Management

With event-driven integration you move connectors and integration to the edge of an event driven core. This moves you away from point-to-point coupled flows to a simpler, higher performance, and more scalable solution. Watch as Andrew MacKenzie demonstrates the three kinds of connectors that are supported by the PubSub+ Platform, with a quick look at our new Integration Hub com where you can find the latest connectors.

event enabling artificial intelligence

Event-Driven Architecture and Artificial Intelligence

Real life is messy, and a human interface into an AI model doesn’t scale and is of limited use in enterprise applications. This means that the system needs a solution, like events, to structure the unstructured data that flows between the real world and the models. Our Chief Architect and AI Officer Ed Funnekotter demonstrates how AI and Solace PubSub+ were made for each other.

event enabling artificial intelligence

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