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Solace Product Update December 2022

CTO Shawn McAllister and leaders from the Solace product team hosted a live webinar to show some of the exciting new updates and up and coming features. Featuring:

PubSub+ Distributed Tracing

The latest product release includes PubSub+ Distributed Tracing enabled for software, appliance and cloud event brokers. It features context propagation and enablement in the PubSub+ Cloud console and we delivered a live demonstration visualizing events in Datadog.  Solace leverages the OpenTelemetry standard for ensuring interoperability with tracing implementations and back-end visualization tools. Organizations engage in modern observability that includes tracing to shorten development time, reduce the time and cost for troubleshooting, monitor and optimize applications, and evaluating data lineage.

PubSub+ Event Portal

Featuring updates to the industry's first and most advanced tool for organizations to design and manage EDA. Lifecycle management, integration with popular software development lifecycle tools (i.e. Confluence, GitHub, Jenkins, etc.) and new pre-build demo applications for getting your team up to speed quickly. A peek into future capabilities was also covered.

New PubSub+ Connectors

A core benefit of EDA is the ease of integrating different protocols across clouds, and connectors are a key part of that story. Shawn featured a new connector architecture built off the Spring Cloud Stream for delivering run-time connectors that can be quickly built and deployed for all use cases – including the newest one for bridging to IBM MQ. Available as open-source projects for those who have the ability to manage their own code as well as supported run time applications for those who need an easy way to deploy solutions.

Kafka Mesh

Kafka environments can get complex very quickly creating challenges with hybrid cloud deployment, filtering while preserving order, managing non-Kafka streams, replication, streaming to edge and IoT, and interoperability. Solace Kafka Mesh transforms Kafka records into routable events will evolve with  PubSub+ Integrated Kafka Bridge (coming soon), that will further lower cost and complexity for organizations.

Partitioned Queues

Partitioned queues help enable context aware, partitioned scaling that is needed in advanced microservice environments. It makes it simple to scale up and down the event architecture while ensuring sequence is maintained when they are partitioned. For instance, in an e-commerce system the right consumers will receive related events like order processing or order changes, while events will stay in sequence on the consumer. It is Solace’s answer to Kafka consumer groups but is better because the number of partitions is consumer-specific versus having to effect all consumers when you need to scale up or re-partition.