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The Hybrid Journey: Accelerating the Agile IoT Architecture Transition

This session features exclusive insights from Nick Smith, Informed's Founder/CTO and Phil Scanlon, Solace's VP of Sales Engineering, Asia Pacific & Japan around accelerating your organization's transition towards an agile IT architecture. The session was hosted by Innovatus Media's Editorial Director, Matthew Egan. 



  • Developing a fast, agile and responsive IT infrastructure that meets the needs of modern digital businesses.
  • The challenge IT teams face when running multiple applications from a variety of environments such as on-premise, in the cloud, and as-a-service. 
  • The impact new technologies such as AI and IoT will have on this hybrid framework. 
  • Building out your organizations "smart data movement" strategy and understanding your businesses requirements of managing events in real-time 
  • How Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (IPaaS) and data integration is being applied to meet this challenge.