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PubSub+ Event Portal Lifecycle Management

The addition of sophisticated lifecycle management features to PubSub+ Event Portal, like finer-grained role-based access controls, object versions, lifecycle states and environments, will help you more effectively govern your event mesh to ensure consistent development practices and security.

Applications produce and consume different events as they evolve and are promoted along the software delivery path from dev to QA to pre-prod to prod. That means you need to do the same type of promotion with your definitions for events, schemas, and applications so everyone can know what version of what events or schemas are available in which environment. This also requires that you be able to version these artifacts so you can have different versions of the same event or schema in dev, QA, pre-prod, and prod as you evolve them or deprecate them. Without this type of lifecycle management, if you have a few 100 or 1000’s of events across 3-4 environments, how can you possibly manage the interdependencies of shared schemas, events or applications without negative impacts?

In June 2022, Solace unveiled a bunch of lifecycle management capabilities that will let you do exactly that, and Event Portal Product Manager Darryl MacRae demonstrates in this video how they work. He shows off how to determine why an order management system was publishing order status events without the customer identifier because it was using a deprecated event. He also tests the new version of the application in the dev environment before promoting it to production.