This intensive, three day, instructor-led course provides an introduction to the operational management of Solace products, and how to configure and administer various features for applications which leverage Solace technology.

The course begins with a general overview of Solace technology and administration tool basics. It continues with some advanced topics on configuration, monitoring, security administration, troubleshooting, and managing Solace’s various messaging features. The course also covers an overview of Solace Appliance and VMR high availability models, data replication and disaster recovery features, and bridging data between geographic locations and environments.

There are some additional overview topics also available in this course, such as opening tickets with Solace Support, interaction with support and escalation procedures, Caching with Solace, monitoring with ITRS Geneos solution, and messaging with REST. Most modules are accompanied with lab exercises that provide hands-on experience.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand at a high level the various features and capabilities provided by the Solace product line, and how to administer them
  • Configure Solace Message Routers for role-based administration
  • Set up, secure, and monitor messaging environments for applications
  • Configure guaranteed delivery, and implement exchange patterns for applications that are not tolerant to data loss
  • Troubleshoot and monitor health of Solace products
  • Understand how to deploy Solace Messaging for High Availability, and Disaster Recover

Duration: 3 days


This course is designed for engineers, system administrators, and operational staff responsible for configuring, managing, and monitoring Solace messaging.


  • Basic understanding of TCP/IP networking concepts
  • Prior knowledge of enterprise integration using messaging is helpful but not required