This two day, instructor-led course provides students with introductory concepts and experience needed to work with Solace Enterprise Messaging APIs (Java/C/.NET).

The course begins with a general overview of Solace technology and Solace APIs. It continues with some topics on how to connect applications to Solace, how to implement different message exchange patterns using the API, and use persistence to avoid message loss.

Also covered are some advanced concepts and features of the APIs, including error handling & diagnostics, structuring data in messages, threading models, and some general best practices. Modules are accompanied with lab exercises that provide coding experience with Solace APIs.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Understand at a high level the concepts and experience needed to work with Solace Messaging APIs
  • Run and understand sample applications provided with the API & samples available on Github
  • Develop applications using Solace APIs that implement various message exchanges patterns
  • Use Solace persistence to avoid message loss
  • Troubleshoot common application issues by enabling API logging and implement error handling
  • Configure applications to operate in a high availability messaging environment
  • Structure data in messages to exchange them across different platforms and APIs

Duration: 2 days


Developers seeking introductory understanding of Solace Enterprise Messaging APIs (Java/C/.NET) to develop applications that leverage Solace Messaging.


  • Basic understanding of application development using either Java, C, or .NET
  • Prior knowledge of enterprise integrations using messaging is helpful but not required