Performance is always a concern for certain class of Solace applications that require low latency, high throughput or both. Ensuring peak performance is not a simple checklist of parameters or features.

The Solace Performance Tuning Course is a two-day deep dive into all the things to consider when optimizing applications leveraging Solace Messaging. The course covers everything from the host and operating system tuning, network tuning options, Solace Messaging (Appliance and VMR) configurations, and API options & design. The course considers deployment in the LAN, over the WAN and within the cloud.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Understand all the tunable options for Solace Messaging, what they are for, and how to adjust them for peak performance based on the operating environment
  • Understand host and CPU tuning for application & API performance
  • Understand network tuning and troubleshooting related to Solace Messaging
  • Optimize applications for non-persistent & persistent messaging, for operating in a Cloud environment, and optimize for scaling
  • Monitor Solace Messaging & applications for performance

Duration: 2 days


This course is designed for architects, developers, engineers, and system administrators responsible for optimizing and tuning their Solace Messaging and applications for performance.