Here’s how it works*

  1. Get SAP events onto a PubSub+ event mesh.
  2. The event mesh streams events to and from your data lake.

An event mesh for data lake hydration

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What in the world is an event mesh?

An event mesh is an architectural layer that allows events from one application to be dynamically routed and received by any other application, no matter where these applications are deployed (no cloud, private cloud, public cloud). You create an event mesh by deploying and connecting event brokers (a modern form of messaging middleware).

What’s Solace PubSub+ all about?

PubSub+ allows you to quickly and easily build and manage an event mesh using a wide variety of data sources (including legacy SAP technologies) so you can stream that information in real-time to and from your cloud data lake.

Zooming in 🔍

Technical Advantages

  • Legacy SAP data is liberated and event-enabled: any change in any SAP application/system can be streamed as an event to data lake(s) as the event occurs.
  • Event streams are filtered and dynamically routed: data/events from specific SAP modules are efficiently routed to the correct data lake.
  • The data lake is synced with data sources in (near) real-time: data in the lake is always accurate and up to date.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced cloud costs: updates are triggered only when new data is available, and you can stream only the specific data you want to stream.
  • Faster innovation: stream data to and from data lakes and cloud services in any public cloud to leverage best-in-class cloud services.
  • Improved agility: add and remove new and old applications, cloud services, and SaaS to your system without disruption.

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From data lake hydration to integrating cloud services with SAP ECC and beyond, Solace PubSub+ makes it happen.

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