To transform your airline you need a unified foundation for the distribution of events

Diagram of event-driven airlines using PubSub+

An event mesh is an architecture layer that efficiently moves events between distributed applications, connected devices and user interfaces.

Event Mesh for Airlines

An event mesh can help you:

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Build personalized journeys for travelers.
  • Real-time and proactive flight itinerary modifications.
  • Record and replay preferences in food/media, etc.
  • Create prudent campaigns and itineraries for travelers

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Use real-time data to make key decisions around fueling and crew rosters.
  • Integrate with suppliers and partners to get and give real-time updates on key metrics.
  • Deploy predictive technologies for better command and control.

Differentiate to Maximize Margins

  • Tie-in services like ride-sharing and VOD to drive loyalty and usage.
  • Make pragmatic choices on meals/beverages for a lean supply chain.
  • Receive and share accurate information on seat inventory to avoid unsold units.

Event Mesh for Airlines



We know real-time and we know aviation

We are the core of SWIM implementations at the world’s largest ANSPs. SWIM is expanding into associated tracks like A-CDM, and the Solace PubSub+ platform will help you:

  • Discover events and intuitively design workflows between systems.
  • Swiftly and safely test and introduce new services without disrupting existing ones.
  • Choose protocols and platforms that work for you—now and in the future.

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