Solace enables global SWIM systems with PubSub+, a family of event brokers that route real-time aeronautical, flight and weather data, along with data feeds like TFMS, between aircraft, Global ATM systems and all kinds of equipment, sensors and users.

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Solace supports ANSP modernization with PubSub+, a powerful event distribution and management platform that enables reliable real-time data movement across distributed SWIM systems.”

Wayne Osse

Wayne Osse

Chief Architect, Global Aviation and Transport

Why PubSub+

PubSub+ enables diverse systems to publish information and services, request and receive information when they need it, and subscribe for automatic receipt. This ensures that airspace users and controllers always have timely information about situations that affect their area of responsibility, while reducing infrastructure costs, by decreasing the number of unique interfaces between systems. Learn more about PubSub+ event brokers and the PubSub+ Platform here.

Industrial Strength

  • Provides 99.999% reliability, guaranteed delivery, fault tolerance
  • Supports low latency, high availability, disaster recovery
  • Supports WAN optimization, fan-in/out


  • Natively supports open APIs and protocols (AMQP 1.0, MQTT, REST, JMS, WebSocket)
  • Supports multiple message exchange patterns (pub/sub, queuing, request-reply, streaming)
  • Runs natively in public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP), private clouds and on premises
  • Supports hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, event-driven and microservice architectures
  • Available as interoperable appliances, software, and as a service
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  • Provides elastic scalability to support connections with tens of millions of end-points
  • Buffering and burst-handling enable system shock absorption
  • Intelligent filtering and routing capabilities support scalability

Unlocking the benefits of ANSP modernization with PubSub+

A flexible and robust messaging layer can unlock a variety of benefits for modernizing ANSPs

  • Reduced time and effort to introduce new services to the system, without disrupting existing ones
  • Easy automation of the real-time collection and distribution of a variety of information (flight, weather, surveillance, aeronautical data) to a wide range of stakeholders
  • Ability to route massive amounts of information between large numbers of endpoints, and automatically adapt to volatility and peak volumes
  • Simplified third party access to select data feeds (get many data feeds with a single connection using standard protocols like JMS, AMQP and MQTT)
  • Better interoperability, locally and globally, with other ANSPs through SWIM
  • Industrial strength reliability and performance

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