What is DeFi

Decentralized finance (DeFi) helps financial institutions use distributed ledger technology to improve cash flow, market share and credibility by offering financial instruments and services without relying on other banks, brokerages and exchanges as intermediaries.

The challenge

Ledger technologies are still maturing, and for many financial services use cases there is mismatch between fast front-office systems and flow-cautious distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).

DeFi has the potential to reduce operating costs and facilitate innovation, but the journey presents many challenges:

  • Integrating low latency legacy systems with slower TPS ledgers
  • Delivering on the complex workflows that span cloud, on-premises and other distributed systems
  • Keeping control of the DeFi flow while
  • Avoiding platform lock-in

Many of our clients have driven down settlement costs and eliminated unproductive holdings like “pending-settlement” by decoupling their core systems and ledgers so they can independently scale and adopt the best ledger technology for their situation.

Tom Fairbairn

Distinguished Engineer, Solace

The solution

An event mesh can link on-chain and off-chain operations across distributed systems so you can securely share key events and provide a predictable and governed consistency on all transactions.

Diagram: Decentralized Finance Event Mesh

Solace PubSub+ Platform gives you the ability to move your data efficiently between systems while technology from our partner BCWare gives you an abstraction layer for seamless integration between on-chain, off-chain and DeFi services. BCware’s technology enables the convergence of legacy financial systems with distributed ledger technology

Whether you are trying to tokenize assets, optimize your post-trade flows or even creating asset custody solutions for NFTs, an event mesh will give you the confidence to build applications without the burden of inter-operability and integration

What a PubSub+ powered event mesh can do for you

Technical Benefits

  • Decouple core systems and ledgers to independently scale and adopt the best ledger technology
  • Orchestrate events and data across protocols and platforms without ever losing a message
  • Integrate legacy on-premises solution with new cloud-based ledger solutions

Business Value

  • Continuously optimize and create feature-rich services as pieces your tech stack evolve
  • Freedom to expand into new regions and markets with full compliance
  • Easing and de-risking the adoption of DeFi technologies

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