Aggregate data across and beyond your enterprise.

Most firms use a variety of technologies—including ETL tools, data replication software, and legacy messaging solutions—to aggregate and present data. This results in a complex, slow, disjointed architecture that’s unnecessarily expensive, and hard to manage, monitor and modify. PubSub+ helps companies deliver the compelling, customized user experiences that satisfy customers and empower employees.

OMS and Trading Platforms

Simplify Your Architecture

By meeting many kinds of messaging needs, PubSub+ can help you consolidate your data movement infrastructure, reducing the number of tools you need to license, implement and scale. In addition to cutting capital and operating expenses, reducing the number of products, adapters and bridges in your data movement infrastructure makes your system more reliable and secure.


Accelerate Use of New Services

Cloud and SaaS models of application delivery have made it easier than ever to create innovative new data sources and services. PubSub+ supports diverse APIs and exchange patterns, and offers fine-grained filtering that lets enterprises present completely personalized information. This makes it easy for financial services to gain competitive advantage by quickly and easily adding new functionality to their user experience platform.

Financial Services

Cut Market Data Costs

Distributing market data to internal and customer traders using the providers own feed handlers is remarkably expensive, which leads many financial institutions to seek ways of buying the raw feeds and handling distribution to appropriate parties themselves. Solace can manage the fast, efficient distribution of market data to users who need it, while restricting access to authorized users to keep costs low and facilitate auditability by the feed providers.

Hybrid Cloud

Enable Hybrid Cloud

Solace decouples data sources from the presentation layer so you can run applications wherever you want, migrate them to private or public clouds at will, and run them in a hybrid manner where you offload excess workloads to the cloud during periods of high volume. You can do all this without impacting the user experience or recoding applications thanks to built-in bridging capabilities and optimized distribution over WAN connections.

Order Management and Trading Platforms

Enhance Personalization

Solace’s sophisticated topic-based publish/subscribe functionality lets you create a totally personalized, intelligent user experience that gives each user precisely the information and services they want and are authorized to receive.

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