The Challenge

In a typical smart order router platform there are the front office components such as client gateways, SOR engines, exchange gateways and trade management systems, with the middle office systems taking care of trade data capture, risk management, regulatory reporting (e.g. OATS) and settlement. The front office needs high-rate, low latency delivery of orders and trades between its components. But the interface between the front office and middle office has different requirements, like the ability to handle extremely high burst rates and persist messages so they aren’t lost even if a consumer can’t consume them. And it must do this without impacting the high-speed front office systems.

The Solution

PubSub+ advanced event broker technologies meet the diverse messaging needs of modern trading and OMS platforms by delivering orders and trades between the various front office components with low, predictable latency. PubSub+ sets the gold standard here, which is why 6 out of the top 10 world’s largest investment banks rely on it. Additionally, PubSub+ seamlessly distributes data to middle office systems, buffering and persisting messages for lossless delivery even when consumers can’t keep up or are temporarily disconnected—all with the enterprise-grade performance, governance and security needs required by financial institutions.

Modernize your OMS and trading platform.

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