Don’t let incomplete data integration stall your digital transformation

You’re modernizing your data integration infrastructure to enable hybrid, multi-cloud and IoT deployments, and to leverage emerging cloud services for things like ML and AI.

Familiar challenges?

  • Legacy integration: connecting complex legacy infrastructure with cloud native apps and services
  • Enterprise grade performance: enabling robust, secure and reliable event distribution across hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, and across WANs to transit between globally distributed data centers and lines of business
  • IoT, mobile and microservice enablement: moving events quickly and seamlessly between IoT and mobile devices, modern microservices, cloud services and back-end systems
ESB to Evemt Driven iPaaS

The Architect’s Guide to Building a Modern Data Integration Platform

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Future proofing for IoT, mobile, ML streaming and more with an Event-Driven iPaaS

Together, PubSub+ and your iPaaS provide uniform connectivity and event distribution, enabling easy integration of diverse IoT things, mobile devices, advanced cloud services, and anything else enterprises will want to integrate as their digital transformations unfold.

  • Your iPaaS provides the APIs and out of the box integrations that make it easy to connect IoT applications, mobile apps and cloud services
  • PubSub+ supports multiple open standard protocols, qualities of service, and message exchange patterns (publish-subscribe, queuing, streaming and request-reply) enabling easy event transit between apps written in different languages, and using different protocols/APIs
  • PubSub+ provides shock absorption and easy scalability (horizontally and vertically) so your system can efficiently route the tens of millions (or more) of events generated by the IoT.

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How it Works

There are two ways to deploy PubSub+ with your iPaaS.

1. Deploy PubSub+ in all your environments and create an event mesh

You can deploy PubSub+ event brokers into each of your environments, on-prem and in the cloud, and then connect them to create an event mesh that will intelligently, automatically and securely transmit events between producer and subscriber applications, wherever they exist on the mesh. Applications, services and systems connect to their nearest PubSub+ event broker, where they publish and subscribe to events. The event mesh will then broadcast events as they are produced (by any application in the system) to any and all applications that subscribe to them via a topic subscription.

2. Connect your iPaaS to PubSub+ Cloud

You can run PubSub+ instances in the cloud, connecting remotely to PubSub+ Cloud, so there is nothing to add, manage, administer or upgrade on premises.

Find out how Dell Boomi and Solace enable modern data integration and data movement across the distributed enterprise

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