Containerized apps, meet event mesh

To function effectively, cloud-native apps need to send and receive data to/from apps that live in the same PaaS, and in public/private clouds or on premises.

PubSub+ can be deployed natively alongside your PaaS in your private or public cloud, and in all your other environments, enabling quick, reliable and secure event distribution between apps that live anywhere.

But what’s special about PubSub+ advanced event brokers is that they can be easily connected to create an event mesh that dynamically routes events from publisher to subscriber applications, no matter where on the mesh the two apps run.

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Sure, we’re an event broker that runs in multiple PaaS’s, but that’s not unique.

What’s unique is how well we work in any PaaS layer, how we help developers get shit done without admins, and how through a Solace-enabled event mesh developers can easily and seamlessly create event-driven interactions between their cloud-native apps and the rest of their enterprise.

Jonathan Schabowsky

Jonathan Schabowsky

Senior Architect

Yes, PubSub+ works with your PaaS

PubSub+ can easily be deployed in Kubernetes clusters in the environment of your choice, and Solace technology partnerships with leading PaaS providers, including VMWare Tanzu, Red Hat OpenShift, and SAP Cloud, make integrating PubSub+ a piece of cake.

Insights into a few of the environments

Kubernete logo

Solace PubSub+ with Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. It allows development and operational teams to quickly, efficiently, and consistently deploy their applications, and scale those deployments as required in various underlying environments.

PubSub+ can be deployed in Kubernetes clusters via a Docker image or our PubSub+ quickstart template. We are continuing to add to the list of these quickstart templates to further automate the deployment and configuration of PubSub+ in even more environments that have embraced Kubernetes containerization.

Vmware Tanzu Square White

Solace PubSub+ with VMWare Tanzu

Solace PubSub+ for VMWare Tanzu is a fully managed service available in the VMWare Tanzu Marketplace. The tile deploys PubSub+ on an infrastructure as a service (IaaS), fully managed by VMWare Tanzu and BOSH. The PubSub+ tile also deploys a service broker into the VMWare Tanzu Application Service, and exposes its plans to developers in the Services Marketplace.

Openshift logo

Solace PubSub+ with Red Hat OpenShift

As a Red Hat Partner, PubSub+ is fully integrated with OpenShift. PubSub+ runs in OpenShift as a Docker image that can be stored in an OpenShift repository and launched via templates or deployment configurations. Developers can spin up PubSub+ event brokers as they can any other application in OpenShift, without having to call an administrator at the IaaS layers to create an environment.

The multi-protocol edge of PubSub+ enables users to access the PubSub+ POD in OpenShift via multiple protocols and APIs including REST, AMQP, MQTT and JMS. Node port services eliminate the need to use OpenShift routers; users can access PubSub+ from any Node directly. Applications can access the PubSub+ POD externally from a cluster or from cluster application PODs.

SAP Cloud logo

Solace with SAP Cloud

When you need to connect SAP apps with non-SAP apps, there’s no better platform than PubSub+. For years now, Solace has been working closely with SAP engineers to enable seamless connectivity and data movement between on-premise and cloud environments, for a host of leading enterprises. In fact, Solace PubSub+ is the data distribution layer for SAP Cloud Platform (formerly SAP Hana Cloud Platform).

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