PubSub+ allows kdb+ developers to leverage multiple messaging patterns and easily stream data across different applications and regions through an Event Mesh. With PubSub+’s support for open APIs and protocols, kdb+ applications can easily integrate with other applications.

Simon Shanks

Vice President, Fusion Interfaces at Kx

With PubSub+, kdb+ users can easily consume data from a PubSub+ broker and store in kdb+ as well as use pub/sub messaging to efficiently fanout kdb+ updates at scale to both front end and serverside applications.

Any of these challenges familiar?


Fast, efficient fanout to hundreds of listeners using pub/sub

Expensive cost of kdb+ storage in Colos

Slow subscribers impacting your ticker plant

Use Cases/Solutions

Distribute data from kdb+ to other applications

With PubSub+, kdb+ developers can use pub/sub messaging to efficiently fanout kdb+ updates at scale to both your front end and serverside applications.

Migrate to the cloud

Easily provide your cloud-native applications with access to your high-volume data stored in on-prem kdb+ instance using PubSub+’s powerful Event Mesh.

Hybrid Cloud

Inter kdb+ communication

Allows you to replicate kdb+ instances around the globe or consolidate kdb+ instances to a single location

PubSub+ Event Broker: Software

Capture data into kdb+

With PubSub+ and kdb+, your applications can stream events to PubSub+ and easily store them in kdb+.

Easier integration

PubSub+ supports open APIs and protocols which make it a perfect option for integrating applications. Your applications can now use a variety of APIs to publish to and subscribe data from kdb+.

And a lot more…

Use Guaranteed Messaging to ensure delivery of messages to your kdb+ instances or consumer applications, easily replay data to your kdb+ instances, and enforce finer grained access control capabilities on streams from kdb+ to permission users on a per symbol basis.

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