Unified API management based on open standard protocols and technologies

  • Single pane of glass to manage sync and async APIs
  • Full life-cycle management of sync and async APIs
  • Common security mechanisms for authentication and authorization across sync and async apis
  • Open standards based (OpenAPI specification and AsyncAPI specification)
  • Rich protocol support:
    – Sync: HTTP
    – Async: HTTP, MQTT, AMQP, JMS, SMF

Frequently Asked Questions

Ability to expose real-time data across lines of business and to third parties

  • Synchronous, RESTful APIs can really undermine this objective as they rely on a request-reply communication pattern that delays the distribution of real-time data. They also tend to receive data in a point-to-point fashion which can lead to lost or duplicate data when the API received large bursts of data from one or many thousands of applications or devices etc. at the same time

Ability to efficiently and effectively design and mange async apis

  • Design + Development: ability to design events and schemas (event payload and topics), to generate code (AsyncAPI), and to assemble event API products
  • Life-cycle management: ability to easily deploy, catalog, discover, promote, share, deprecate async APIs
  • Governance: ability to set policies (number of connections, number of subscriptions, quality of service, queue size, publish rate limits), and to control access (parameterized topics)

  • Most enterprises already have an API Management Platform and they’ve had it for some time – many mature deployments
  • Synchronous APIs remain and will continue to remain important for a wide variety of use cases within the enterprise
  • You don’t want individual developers or development teams to have to switch between two different API management toolsets to manage sync and async apis (confusion, complexity, time consuming)

Solace PubSub+ Event Portal enables Architects and API developers to easily design and manage events and schemas, and to produce event (async) API products that can be published and consumed in/by WSO2 API Manager

  • WSO2 clients need to first register for a Solace Cloud account and install Solace’s Integration for WSO2 API Manager and Solace Brokers as an AsyncAPI Gateway
  • Once created in Solace’s event portal, WSO2 clients can “upload” their event api product(s) in WSO2 API Publisher where it can be managed throughout the full lifecycle: create, publish (to API gateways), block, deprecate, retire etc. Published APIs become “visible” in the WSO2 developer portal where they can be “subscribed” to by application developers

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