NameDescriptionRecommended Alternative(s)Final VersionRemoval Date
Cut-Through Persistence (CTP)CTP, also known as Cut-through Messaging, enables the delivery of guaranteed messages with very low latency from Solace PubSub+ to consumers with relatively low message rates and a small number of clients, but it limits the use of many of the newer features of PubSub+ event brokers. Please type “show message-spool stats” and check that messages delivered cut-through = 0 to verify your organization does not use CTP.Guaranteed messagingApril, 2022May 31, 2022
Solace PubSub+ Messaging API for C support for Solaris/SunOS Solace will stop providing builds for Solaris/SunOS after the next scheduled release of the C API.

The following build packages will no longer be distributed:

• SunOS 10 i386
• IPC for SunOS 10 i386
• SunOS 10 x86_64
• IPC for SunOS 10 x86_64
• SunOS 10 Sparc 32-bit
• IPC for SunOS 10 Sparc 32-bit
• SunOS 10 Sparc 64-bit
• IPC for SunOS 10 Sparc 64-bit
N/ARelease 7.23.0 available in September, 2022June, 2026
PubSub+ Event Broker Services deployed in VM-Based RegionsSolace will no longer be offering event broker versions in PubSub+ Cloud that can be deployed in VM-based regions. Instead, broker version releases can only be deployed in Kubernetes. Existing event brokers services deployed in VM-based regions must be migrated to Kubernetes and this impacts Public Regions, Dedicated Regions, and Customer-Controlled Regions.Migrate event broker services to use Kubernetes.10.0.1September 30, 2024
OAuth/OpenID Connect for MQTT Clients (OAuth Providers)The original OAuth client authentication implementation in PubSub+ was called OAuth Providers supporting MQTT clients. OAuth Profiles is an updated implementation that replaces OAuth Providers and adds new functionality. As of release 9.12.1, the CLI commands to configure OAuth Providers are hidden. Users of the OAuth Providers feature should migrate to OAuth Profiles. These commands will be removed in a future release.OAuth for SMF Clients (OAuth Profiles)9.12.0September 15, 2024
Machine Image PackagesThe PubSub+ Event Broker will no longer be distributed as a machine image package for VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and OpenStack as of June 15, 2024. Existing instances created from a machine image package should transition to an instance created by an alternate deployment method.PubSub+ ContainerJune, 2024June, 2024