Messaging Router Appliance

How to Maximize Performance and Maintain Agility in PCF with Solace Messaging Appliance

The Solace Message Router Appliance is a high performance hardware-based message broker that supports higher throughput with lower, more predictable latency than any other messaging technology. For use cases where applications or microservices running in Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) require exceptional performance and/or “five nines” reliability  the appliance can be a perfect fit. With this post I’ll explain how the integration works, and provide step-by-step instructions to make it happen.

Architecture and Background:

Since the Solace appliances run outside of the PCF ecosystem they don’t appear as part of the PCF marketplace, but cloud operators or developers can create user-provided service instances that enable applications to use services not natively available in the marketplace.

The user-provided service instances will deliver service credentials to the applications at runtime, which mimics the functionality provided by our Solace Messaging for PCF Tile. The diagram below illustrates how this integration enables messaging between an application running in PCF and a hardware appliance located outside PCF.… Read the rest