Solace and HostBridge Simplify Integration of Mainframe Assets with Modern Big Data, Cloud and IoT Systems

Combination of Next-Generation Messaging Middleware and Mainframe Integration Software Unlocks Mainframe Information and Modernizes Applications without Touching Code

Learn how Solace and HostBridge modernize the mainframe.

Ottawa, Ont. and Stillwater, Okla., April 28, 2015 – Solace Systems and HostBridge Technology announced today that they have integrated their messaging middleware and mainframe integration solutions to link critical mainframe systems with modern applications and architectures so they can send and receive large volumes of real-time information, all without modifying any mainframe code.

HostBridge is the only mainframe-resident Web services solution powered by server-side JavaScript, the same technology used by today’s cloud, analytics, Web, and mobile innovators. Companies use HostBridge to transform mainframe-based transactions, programs, and data into object-oriented applications that interoperate seamlessly with any distributed information asset.

“In striving to capitalize on trends like big data, cloud computing, ubiquitous mobility and the Internet of Things, companies look to our next-gen messaging middleware to help their IT systems handle ever-increasing amounts of data, distribution of processing and diversity of endpoints, ” said Denis King, EVP of Strategic Alliances for Solace Systems.… Read the rest

Bringing Big Data Architects some Solace

Most people (correctly) think of big data as being about Hadoop – large scale clustered data storage and BI. As a company focused on messaging and other kinds of real-time data movement, we’ve gotten used to the question: “So … what’s your play in big data?” This InfoWorld article about the drive toward real-time business intelligence hits on the answer.

Big data is currently in its early innings, with most deployments roughly analogous to where batch-loaded IMS databases were before relational databases were broadly adopted for large-scale OLTP. That is, most people are loading log files or other data sets at intervals “after the fact” thus limiting use cases to ones that get value out of looking at historical information to draw conclusions about the business.The leading edge of big data architects are striving to keep their Hadoop stores more current by aggregating and analyzing real-time data as things happen.… Read the rest

Saudi Aramco is Integrating their Smart Oil Fields for Real-Time Insights

Saudi Aramco recently deployed a real-time production monitoring system that will let them better monitor their production oil field assets. They call it POSH, or Production Operations Surveillance Hub, which integrates data from sites all around the gulf region in real-time.

Aramco has been using sensors to monitor many aspects of their oil fields such as field production, submersible pump equipment, field activity tracking and more, but each has operated as information silos for very specific uses. The new POSH hub will bring all this information together so they can generate new insights from the relationships between the streams of data, resulting in better asset utilization and faster resolution of production issues.

While Solace doesn’t (yet) do this for Saudi Aramco, we are working with other oil and gas customers that are similarly capturing real-time production data and using it to drive business decisions like capacity planning and real time pricing.… Read the rest

Introducing Solace 3500 Series and SolOS 7.0 — Many Big Steps Forward

3500-series-blog-post-featured-picToday is an exciting day for us at Solace, and for our customers. This morning we announced a huge step in the evolution of our products with so many improvements – most of which would be big news on their own – that I don’t know where to start. There’s something big for everybody in this release, from architects to developers to your CIO!

It was tough, but I picked my four favorite features to talk about today:

  • Less is more. First off is our new 3500 series message routers, the Solace 3560 and Solace 3530, next-generation versions of our Solace 3260 and Solace 3230, respectively. The Solace 3560 provides the same performance as our old top-of-the-line 3260 chassis in half the space (2 rack units vs. 4), effectively doubling throughput per rack unit. For customers who have lots of message routers and those who use them in colocation centers, this shrinkage is very welcome.
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New Solace Message Routers Accelerate Enterprise Applications and Enable Big Data, Cloud and IoT

Combined with Release of SolOS 7.0, New Models Enable Application-Aware Networks that Improve Performance, Robustness and TCO of IT Infrastructure

Ottawa, Ontario, June 3, 2014 Solace Systems announced today two new message routers and a major new version of its operating system, SolOS 7.0, that together meet the diverse data movement demands of today’s enterprise applications and emerging big data systems, cloud computing architectures and internet of things initiatives.

Each of these systems needs an efficient way to move large amounts of information over different kinds of networks with unique requirements in terms of latency, throughput, guaranteed delivery, fault tolerance and more. Solace’s hardware-based platform lets companies replace a wide range of discrete data movement technologies (such as messaging middleware, open source, web streaming, transaction management, WAN optimization, etc.) with a powerful application-aware network. Application aware-networks make it easier and less expensive to move data between applications while offering greater capacity, performance and robustness than other solutions.… Read the rest

Explaining “Big Data on the Move”

At the recent QCon conference in San Francisco, I gave a talk called “Big Data on the Move” in which I introduced the audience to some of the unique challenges, techniques and technologies associated with enabling the distribution of “big data” volumes of information. The room was full and my talk seemed to hold the attention of the notoriously tough QCon audience.

Special thanks to the fine folks at QCon for letting me share video of this talk. I hope you find it informative. I’ve included an index of some key points below the video.

(YouTube blocked at work? Watch here instead.)

00:52   What’s missing from the current big data landscape
05:16   The three key types of “Big Data in Motion”
06:25   Big data capture and collection
09:22   Scaling horizontally vs vertically
12:56   Dealing with traffic volume spikes
14:56   Dealing with the “long fat pipe”
17:25   Alerting and streaming events
20:22   Fanning out data to a huge audience
22:35   Dealing with slow subscribers
26:12   Real-time data analytics
27:30   The role of in memory data grids or CEP engines
28:30   Real world use cases
28:55   Transportation sensor network
32:27   Homeland security
35:09   Trade automation
36:30   Telco customer service
38:25   Open Q&ARead the rest

Data Movement at Very Large Scale

In this one hour presentation given at the QCon conference in San Francisco in November of 2013, Solace Systems Engineer Hans Jespersen explains the unique challenges, techniques and technologies associated with enabling the distribution of “big data” volumes of information. Learn more about how Solace helps companies with big data initiatives.
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Big Data in Financial Industry Video

Emily Hong, senior solutions engineer at Solace Systems, describes the impact ever-increasing data volumes, regulatory requirements and tech trends, like big data, cloud and IoT, are having on financial services providers old and new. They will explain how Solace’s technology has helped leading investment banks, buyside firms and other financial institutions upgrade and future-proof the infrastructure that keeps real-time information flowing reliably and securely across their enterprise as they observe markets, execute transactions and serve customers all while effectively managing risk and ensuring compliance with regulations.

What You’ll Learn

– About the demands ever-increasing data and transaction volumes will place on their application infrastructure and how leading firms are effectively addressing them
– How technological developments and market expectations in the areas of big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things are introducing new requirements in fintech
– How Solace’s data movement technology has helped 6 out of the top 10 investment banks and 3 of the top 4 FX banks upgrade their infrastructure in response to these dramatic changes

 … Read the rest

Solace Systems and Sycomp Partner to Deliver Real-Time Big Data Solutions to Enterprises Globally

Leading Value Added Reseller and System Integrator to Offer Solace Middleware Appliances as High-Speed Information Distribution and Streaming Platform

Ottawa, Ontario and Foster City, Calif., Sept 24, 2013 – Solace Systems and Sycomp announced today that Sycomp will resell Solace messaging middleware appliances as part of the comprehensive IT solutions they offer to large companies across all major geographies.

”For organizations dealing with the real-time collection and distribution of massive amounts of information, Solace appliances enable us to meet our customers’ performance requirements in a package that’s easy and cost-effective to deploy, ” said Michael Symons, CEO, Sycomp.

Members of Sycomp’s staff have been trained on the implementation of Solace appliances, and the companies have teamed up to deliver solutions to several large customers. The companies are expanding the depth of their partnership by enabling Sycomp to offer first-line technical support of Solace appliances, along with consulting services and training.… Read the rest

Solace Gets in Sync with Oracle GoldenGate

On Tuesday, we announced a new solution that pairs Solace appliances with Oracle GoldenGate to make the real-time data synchronization across many databases and applications easier and more efficient. This is a solution that has been cooking for a while, and has already been deployed by multiple large customers.  I’ll briefly outline how it works and how it extends GoldenGate’s already powerful feature set.

Oracle GoldenGate is Oracle’s flagship logical data replication product for Oracle and heterogeneous database environments. It enables real-time data integration using log-based change data capture technology to replicate, transform and synchronize information across a wide range of systems including databases, operational and analytic systems. This is commonly used to keep different data sources in sync.… Read the rest