An Illustrated History of Online Betting

Right Casino published a very cool infographic tracking the history of online betting from the first licenses awarded in Antigua and Barbuda in 1994 to the $100 billion dollar business it is today. Check it out!

Solace is proud to carry a significant (and growing) percentage of today’s global online betting activity, through popular sites like Bet365, Unibet, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and others.… Read the rest

Play Ball! – The Prospects for Baseball as a Hot New Trading Asset Class

iStock_000003652779XSmall-300x199It’s opening day 2013, and former Wall Street trader Joe Peta is in the news with a new book proposing baseball as the next great trading asset class. It’s just a matter of time before financial planners all over the US are suggesting a mix of stocks, bonds, currency hedges and batting averages as part of retirement planning.

In his book Trading Bases: A Story About Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball, Peta tells the story of how he’s successfully applied the fact-based analytical approach of a hedge fund to the game of baseball. Using what amounts to proprietary sabermetrics, he claims he was able to beat the odds and return 40% on his capital over a year of betting in Las Vegas. He concludes that the Vegas baseball gambling market doesn’t have enough liquidity to do this on a large scale yet, but it’s an interesting idea with real potential.… Read the rest

The Mad Scramble to be First in US Online Gambling

online_gamblingIt has been fascinating to watch the rapid evolution of the US online gambling market after a relaxing of the Federal Wire Act in 2011 opened the door for online Poker (and more) on a state by state basis. In fact, just Thursday the Nevada legislature approved a bill allowing interstate online poker on the quick, because they caught wind that New Jersey may do so next week.

This is a rare, massive, greenfield opportunity in the US that is primed to unfold quickly. According to KPMG, the worldwide market for online gaming is about $32 billion per year today, and that is without meaningful (legal) contribution from the US, the world’s richest economy. Juniper Research estimates that worldwide betting on mobile devices alone will be a $100 billion market 2017. History suggests whoever gets there first with a quality offering will earn the early advantage. So who’s positioned to win?… Read the rest

Betting on Growth in Online Gambling

online_gamingIf there’s one sure bet in online gambling, it is unstoppable global market growth. The US government has twice tried to stall this transition to virtual gaming, first in 2006 when they made it illegal for financial service companies to knowingly collect payments for online gambling, and again in 2011 when they seized the domain names of top poker sites and charged their executives with money laundering.

Surely hampering access to the world’s largest and most affluent market would slow down the pace of online gambling right?

Wrong. Check out this chart from Statista:


You can see that the rate of growth did slow in 2007 and 2012 (projections in the 2012 case), but is hardly even noticeable in context of the long term trend. This is such an unstoppable freight train that the full might and power of the US government to block online gaming barely measures as a blip.… Read the rest

bet365: Middleware innovation is safe bet for future growth

Sports betting has changed quite a bit in the last decade. Online innovations have meant that players now have more choice than ever in the way they bet and what they bet on. In-Play betting, where players can place bets while a sport is in progress, e.g. the scorer of the next goal in a football match or the winner of the next point in a tennis game, is probably one of the most important developments and also one of the most popular. Leading the way is eGaming company bet365. Headquartered in Stoke-on-Trent, England, they are a global business that employs 1, 700 people and is live in 17 languages.

Their site includes:

  • In-Play sports betting
  • A wide range of popular casino, poker, lottery and bingo games.
  • The ability to bet on financial markets, such as the closing prices of currency pairs and market indices.

It’s a remarkably rich and diverse offering, and if you take a look at their site,, you’ll quickly realize how hard the company works to offer the best experience they can for their customers.… Read the rest

6 markets being revolutionized by real-time streaming data

It seems like forever ago that Pointcast introduced us to the first incarnation of so-called “push” technology. But aside from stock prices through online brokerages, the real-time streaming of content didn’t really take off until very recently. Even today, many people still refresh their browser to see if they’ve been outbid on eBay and reload the sports scores on their smartphone to see if their team held on for the win.

There are three key factors driving recent, rapid increases in the production and consumption of real-time data:

  • Changes in technology – For years, developers have worked around the limitations of browsers and HTML by building thick clients or using COMET to clumsily force data changes into browser applications. The emerging HTML5 standard (with the backing of Google, Apple and Microsoft) will make real-time data a first class citizen over the internet. At the same time, turnkey infrastructure that integrates back end systems all the way through to browsers and mobile devices is simplifying development and deployment of these applications.
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