PM Trudeau Launches Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge

Today at the Canadian Federation of Municipalities conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau soft-launched the much anticipated Smart City Challenge, an idea that has been circulating since the fall, with today’s announcement laying out the details of the prize structure.

The Smart Cities Challenge is a Canada-wide initiative for communities to get together and generate ideas for how their city can better live, work and play. Communities of all sizes will compete to win government grants to implement the very best of the ideas. The prize pool was announced today and is tiered with prizes for large, mid-sized and small communities as well an additional prize for the most innovative Indigenous community.

As a proudly Canadian company, we’re pleased to see Canada proactively making these investments and taking a leadership role on the world stage. For the past several years, Solace has worked with countries around the world on deploying technology that improves information flow and implements new services for citizens in Japan, the United States, Taiwan, Spain, Switzerland and Singapore. … Read the rest

That Pre-Crime Idea from Minority Report? It’s Happening Now

Almost daily, we are seeing real-time data and all of its associated technologies being used in creative ways that benefit society. You’ve probably seen stories of smart cities sprouting up all over the world, as communities seek to live more efficiently, and the Internet of Things has been touted as a key new asset in the fight against climate change.

In an effort to make its streets safer, police in Indianapolis have integrated their crime databases, automated real-time crime feeds and built visualization dashboards that can automatically connect the dots in ways you’ve seen in the movies and on television shows for years. But instead of the gritty street-wise cop piecing the details together, it will be the analytics engine and the data feeds doing the crime fighting.  In the Indianapolis use case, since the data is shared across police departments, many communities are sharing the benefits, which are numerous and potentially game-changing for the future of local law enforcement.… Read the rest