EMS may have been the best choice…

…or might have just been packaged with the BusinessWorks ESB. As you help your business transform and modernize, these problems with EMS will become evident:

Closed and restrictive

No support for modern open standards and protocols.

Real-time averse

No in-service upgrades, issues with slow consumers, and rigid topics.

All-or-nothing HA/DR

Prone to split-brain scenarios, ridden with caveats, and long recovery times.

Challenging to manage

Shortage of trained personnel means expensive support contracts and licenses.

Modernize, unify, and stabilize your environment with PubSub+

Build modern applications with the confidence of supporting virtually any protocol, programming language, form factor or cloud.

Robust and efficient setup with granular controls and field-proven HA and DR capabilities.

Escape lock-in with support for market-leading iPaaS and ESB solutions.

EMS wasn’t built to communicate with today’s cloud-native, IoT, and mobile technologies. It also wasn’t built for modern microservices, event-driven architecture, or for the creation of an event mesh. PubSub+ Platform helps you achieve all these objectives.

We have helped enterprises gradually replace or reduce their EMS spread with the following model:
MOM modernization TIBCO Solace

For a closer look at how PubSub+ comprehensively solves limitations of TIBCO EMS, download this fact sheet.

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It’s a problem worth solving

Large American Consumer Bank

This bank was running on-premises EMS and replaced it with PubSub+ because they wanted to build a hybrid architecture. One of the asks was to trigger cloud resources when the on-premises systems hit 100% utilization. This required applications to be dynamically provisioned in the cloud, and their preference was Pivotal Cloud Foundry to re-factor to microservices.

While using EMS, it took them 3 days to recover from a disaster. PubSub+ can bring their full system back in less than two hours.

South African Retail Bank

A SAN outage caused by a water leak caused EMS to fail, but the SAN could not transfer messages and message states to the DR site. Since the DR plan did not accommodate that, the outage lasted 4 days.

Solace was brought in to eliminate single source hardware dependence and was deployed across multiple datacenters, with DR replication to the cloud. The failover time is now less than 30 seconds in all cases with no message loss.

What’s Next?

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