Legacy technology is getting in the way
of your digital transformation

Most airlines’ IT systems are rife with data silos and incompatible applications distributed around the world. To seize the opportunities associated with cloud, event-driven architecture, IoT and machine learning you need a unified platform that efficiently delivers data across your enterprise and ecosystem of partners, ANSPs and OTAs.
PubSub+ is purpose-built for that.

Proven reliability and performance

PubSub+ has been proven in the most demanding environments, industries and conditions.

Dynamic, self-routing, self-learning and self-healing

Easily integrate with services like NDC Exchange so you can save time and avoid ITSM hours and duplicate data feed charges.

Real-time command and control

Connect with internal systems, airports and specialized services like SITA day-of-travel APIs to manage things like baggage belt allocation, staffing at boarding gates, and ground crew movement.

Full visibility of events and intuitive modeling of application domains

Intuitively and visually work with events and generate transformational designs.

To transform your airline you need a unified foundation for the distribution of events

Diagram of event-driven airlines using PubSub+

An event mesh is an architecture layer that efficiently moves events between distributed applications, connected devices and user interfaces.

Event Mesh for Airlines

An event mesh can help you:

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Build personalized journeys for travelers.
  • Real-time and proactive flight itinerary modifications.
  • Record and replay preferences in food/media, etc.
  • Create prudent campaigns and itineraries for travelers

Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Use real-time data to make key decisions around fueling and crew rosters.
  • Integrate with suppliers and partners to get and give real-time updates on key metrics.
  • Deploy predictive technologies for better command and control.

Differentiate to Maximize Margins

  • Tie-in services like ride-sharing and VOD to drive loyalty and usage.
  • Make pragmatic choices on meals/beverages for a lean supply chain.
  • Receive and share accurate information on seat inventory to avoid unsold units.

We know real-time and we know aviation

We are the core of SWIM implementations at the world’s largest ANSPs. SWIM is expanding into associated tracks like A-CDM, and the Solace PubSub+ platform will help you:

  • Discover events and intuitively design workflows between systems.
  • Swiftly and safely test and introduce new services without disrupting existing ones.
  • Choose protocols and platforms that work for you—now and in the future.

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