Event Portal. The first product of its kind.

Purpose built to help your team:

  • Visualize, optimize, and govern event flow across your distributed enterprise
  • Design events and event-driven apps, with best practices built-in
  • Discover and catalog events from across the business

Drax supplies energy to 250,000 businesses across Britain. It relies on Event Portal to gain transparency and control of its event-driven architecture.

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Event Mesh. The term now gaining traction started here.

A PubSub+ powered event mesh spans hybrid, multi-cloud, and IoT environments (locally, regionally, globally), all with out-of-the-box:

  • Intelligent and dynamic event/message routing with built-in WAN optimization
  • Hierarchical topics and wildcards (see best practices here)
  • Support for multiple open standard protocols and APIs


A Central Control Plane

Your EDA command center to:

  • Deploy and manage event broker services in any public cloud, virtual private cloud, and/or on-premises Kubernetes environments
  • Quickly and easily connect event broker services to create an event mesh
  • Monitor and maintain the health of your event mesh and event broker services

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