Give Kafka-based apps the best event-streaming tech on the planet.

Connect your Kafka clusters natively to PubSub+ advanced event brokers and build an event mesh that securely, reliably, and in real-time moves events from wherever they occur to wherever they need to be.

Familiar challenges?

We can handle them with ease.

  • Connecting legacy systems using multiple protocols to other applications in the cloud
  • Enabling connections and communications between a virtually unlimited number of IoT devices and applications
  • Maintaining high availability and disaster recovery in a globally-distributed organization
  • Reducing cloud charges by dynamically routing events with WAN optimization

Dedicated event distribution for Kafka-based apps


Easy access to the rich functionality and multi-protocol support of PubSub+ eliminates the need to write connectors for other services.


Enables connections and communications between a virtually unlimited number of applications and IoT devices.

Bi-Directional MQTT

The ability to not just collect data via MQTT but also to send alerts and instructions to specific devices or vehicles enables sophisticated command and control use cases.

Dynamic Routing

Support for hierarchical topics and wildcards, combined with dynamic intelligent routing, enables all kinds of fan-in, fan-out and filtration.

Global/WAN Distribution

PubSub+ lets you build a global event mesh that dynamically routes events from one application to another no matter where these applications are deployed, what API they use, or which specific broker they are connected to.

Use Case #1: Connectivity Across Hybrid Cloud

PubSub+ lets you link applications and datastores across multiple cloud and on-premises environments without unwieldy adapters or bridges. PubSub+ keeps bandwidth consumption low by using fine-grained topic filtering to deliver exactly and only the events required. For example, if you’re using Kafka to aggregate log data and perform offline analytics on it, but want to use a real-time analytics service running in the cloud to promote products based on sentiment analysis or real-time weather conditions, PubSub+ can take the event stream from Kafka and route a filtered set of information to the analytics engine.

Use Case #2: High-Volume Web and Mobile Connectivity

PubSub+ supports MQTT connectivity at massive scale, able to establish reliable, secure, real-time communications with tens of millions of devices or vehicles so you can collect data and hand it off to Kafka for aggregation or analytics. Since PubSub+ can also stream events via other popular open protocols and APIs, you can stream events from all of your applications, running in all kinds of cloud and on-premises environments, to Kafka via the same Source Connector.

Use Case #3: IoT Command and Control

In addition to supporting the inbound aggregation of events from millions of connected devices, PubSub+ supports bi-directional messaging and the unique addressing of millions of devices through fine-grained filtering. For example, with Solace and Kafka working together you could send a tornado warning alert to a specific vehicle, or all vehicles in or approaching the affected area. The Sink Connector allows PubSub+ to send record events placed in a single Kafka topic to whatever vehicles satisfy a given condition or topic, whether that’s as general as being in the tri-county area or as specific as a single vehicle.

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