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Use HybridEdge to Monitor Your Solace PubSub+ Broker and Integrate With Slack

Monitoring system activity is one of the most critical aspects of system operations. Real-time monitoring of your infrastructure is vital – as an operator or system administrator, you want to be notified about any events regarding system health so that appropriate measures can be taken to fix issues in a proactive fashion.

Solace message brokers generate a wide variety of events and metrics for monitoring by using open interfaces such as Syslog and SEMP, and these need to be integrated with your existing enterprise monitoring tool for alerting purposes.

Note: My previous post shows you how to integrate Solace with your enterprise monitoring system using Syslog.

Based on my experience in the field, such monitoring integrations generally are slow to implement, are not prioritized as much as setting up functionality, and an operations team may not be exposed to the variety of information available for monitoring system activity.

Solace HybridEdge

HybridEdge diagram with public cloud, private cloud and on-premise

Solace HybridEdge is a standalone Java Spring application built around Apache Camel that allows you to integrate Solace message brokers with other messaging systems, such as RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, IBM MQ and Kafka, in a standards-based fashion.… Read the rest

Using Syslog Forwarding to Integrate Solace with External Monitoring Systems

One of the most important aspects of system operations is monitoring system activity. As an operator or system administrator, real-time monitoring of the devices in your estate is essential – you want to be notified about any events regarding system health, so that appropriate measures can be taken to fix issues.

The Solace message router generates syslog messages for events that occur for a variety of reasons including system health, resource usage, service status and client events. These events provide an indication of system health, and whether any resource utilization thresholds have been reached, requiring action.

Note that Solace message routers only generate Syslog event log messages regarding router activity, and do not generate any alerts or notifications – monitoring agents should be used for this purpose. However, Solace does not allow the running of any third party components on the Solace message router for analyzing these messages and generating alerts, and these must be running on remote servers.… Read the rest