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Hazelcast and Solace Partner to Provide Applications with Real-time Data Across Diverse Geographies

Most powerful WAN-accelerated messaging solution combines with fastest in-memory data grid to drive efficiencies in the processing of global data workloads

Palo Alto, Calif., October 25, 2016Hazelcast, the leading open source in-memory data grid (IMDG) with hundreds of thousands of installed clusters and over 16 million server starts per month, and Solace, the leading provider of open data movement technology, today announced a new joint solution which enables multi-cloud and hybrid cloud replication of Hazelcast clusters for worldwide operation. It enables enterprise grade reliability, WAN scale-out and low latency cluster replication.

Hazelcast is frequently deployed in architectures where caching, scalability, performance, data sharing, redundancy and fault tolerance are essential. By combining Solace’s store and forward WAN messaging solution with Hazelcast, organizations can reduce WAN bandwidth costs, minimise data update propagation time and insulate their infrastructure from network or data center outages. The solution is ideal for companies who need real-time data to be current across diverse geographical areas as data values change.

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Solace Announces Open Data Movement Initiative to Provide Freedom and Flexibility in Application Infrastructure Arena

Support for AMQP 1.0, Pivotal Cloud Foundry Tile, VMR Community Edition and several New Open Initiatives Highlight Today’s Nine Announcements

Redwood Shores, Calif. October 13, 2016 – Solace, the leading provider of data movement technology, announced today a set of product enhancements and strategic commitments that reflect a corporate initiative called Open Data Movement which will give developers unprecedented freedom as they design, deploy, connect and scale enterprise applications, big data systems, cloud services and Internet of Things projects.

“The crux of Open Data Movement is unified support for all of the tools and techniques people use to create the application infrastructure that drives their unique business practices, ” said Solace CTO Shawn McAllister. “We are on a path that leads to unified support for every open API, protocol and cloud environment that people care about, all with enterprise grade reliability.”

Today Solace unveiled nine new product and company announcements in support of the Open Data Movement initiative:

  • AMQP 1.0 and Apache Qpid Support: Solace message routers will support AMQP 1.0, the first open standard protocol for enterprise-class messaging, by early 2017.

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David Barnes and Janet Perna Join Solace Systems’ Board of Directors

Tom Manley Appointed Chairman of the Board

Ottawa, Ontario, September 14, 2016 – Solace Systems (“Solace”), a leading provider of data movement technology, today announced the appointment of David Barnes and Janet Perna to Solace’s Board of Directors. Solace also announced that Tom Manley, Senior Principal of Bridge Growth Partners, has been named Chairman of the Board, and Alok Singh, co-founder and Managing Principal of Bridge Growth Partners, has also joined the Board.

“We are excited to welcome David Barnes and Janet Perna to the board, ” said Craig Betts, President & Chief Executive Officer of Solace Systems. “David’s deep and broad experience in deploying leading edge technology for the world’s largest package delivery company will be instrumental to Solace as we continue our drive to meet our customer’s changing data movement needs. Likewise, we look forward to benefiting from Janet’s extensive success and experience in both software and infrastructure technology where she has delivered cutting-edge products and services that meet the needs of business globally.”

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Solace Technology Powers Grupo Bursátil Mexicano’s New Market-Leading Trading Platform

Next-Generation Infrastructure Delivers Efficient, Reliable Distribution
of Market Data, Trades and Settlement Information

Ottawa, Ontario, July 19, 2016 Solace Systems announced today that Grupo Bursátil Mexicano (GBM), a leading Mexican investment and brokerage firm, has expanded its use of Solace messaging technology to improve the distribution of market data, trades and settlement information across their global business.

The new trading infrastructure is the latest GBM business service to be migrated onto a Solace-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that has been in production for more than two years. This ESB, which has experienced 100% uptime since going live, routes a wide range of information between front, middle and back-office applications responsible for risk management, clearing, settlement and more.

“GBM offers the most advanced electronic trading platform in Latin America, and maintaining that advantage is a critical part our strategy for success, ” said Artemio Guerrero, CIO of GBM. “When we evaluated data distribution technologies for our next-generation infrastructure we found that Solace offers the best combination of performance, scalability and stability, which has allowed us to deliver the best possible trading experience to our customers.”

As just some functions of the trading platform, GBM uses Solace technology to stream market data from the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) and Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MexDer) to traders and trading engines so they can track market trends, identify opportunities and initiate trades.

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Solace Messaging Technology to Serve as Key Element of Singapore’s Next-Generation ERP System

Next-Generation Road Pricing System Will Optimise Use of Road Network and Improve Motorists’ Travelling Experience

Singapore, 12 July, 2016 – Solace’s data movement technology has been selected as a key infrastructure component of a Next-Generation Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system being built for Singapore Land Transport Authority by a consortium of NCS and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine System Asia (MHIES-A). The Next-Generation ERP system, which makes use of advanced satellite technology for congestion management, will enable more efficient information flow between sensors and vehicles and overcome the constraints of physical gantries.

In addition to the infrastructure and sensor network that Solace message routers will be a part of, the Next-Generation ERP system will see the replacement of an existing In-Vehicle Unit (IU) with a new On-Board Unit (OBU) that will be able to provide additional services to motorists, such as disseminating traffic advisories. It can also be used to electronically pay for parking and checkpoint tolls.

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VoiceBase Deploys Solace to Enable Rapid Analysis of Massive Volumes of Audio and Video Recordings

Message Routers Help VoiceBase Index and Analyze Millions of Minutes of Speech per Month

Ottawa, Ont., April 26, 2016 – Solace Systems announced today that VoiceBase, a leading provider of speech APIs, has deployed Solace messaging technology to handle the high-volume routing of voice, video and text events through their system. The Solace infrastructure acts as an event-based orchestration backbone as VoiceBase’s processing cluster transcribes, indexes, summarizes, redacts and conducts predictive analytics on an ever-increasing amount of audio and video for their customers.

VoiceBase’s wide range of speech analytics services are made available via a simple API integration. This enables companies that capture very large volumes of video or audio recordings – such as call centers and teleconferencing companies – to store and leverage that data. The API allows customers to experience this process on demand, without the cost or hassle of building and maintaining independent archival and processing systems.

“VoiceBase processes thousands of simultaneous data streams on a 10, 000 CPU cluster, and volume is doubling every few months, ” said Jeff Shukis, VP Engineering and Tech Ops.… Read the rest

FxPro Invests in Next-Generation Infrastructure with Solace Messaging and Web Streaming Technology

Higher Capacity and Performance Key to Meeting Customer Satisfaction Objectives as the Award-Winning FX Broker Expands into New Markets

Ottawa, Ont., February 16, 2016 – Online foreign exchange broker FxPro is using Solace technology to increase the capacity, performance and robustness of the messaging infrastructure that powers its advanced trading platforms and customer-facing interfaces.

FxPro is deploying a combination of Solace Message Router Appliances and Solace Virtual Message Routers to power a wide range of internal and customer-facing applications, including distribution within data centers, over wide area networks and via web and mobile devices.

“Our business is growing rapidly and it is necessary that we continue to offer a world-class trading experience and customer service as we expand our offering to cover more asset classes and geographies, ” said Panayiotis Annivas, CIO, FxPro. “Solace gives us a rock-solid foundation on which we know we can build and grow our business to meet customer demand.”

The new Solace infrastructure replaces multiple previously used technologies, including ActiveMQ, Kaazing and ZeroMQ.… Read the rest

Solace Continues to Expand Cloud Strategy with Support for OpenStack and Amazon Web Services

Support for Growing Number of Cloud Platforms lets Companies Incorporate Solace Message Routing into Wide Range of Environments

Ottawa, Ont., January 6, 2016 – Solace Systems, a leading provider of data movement technology, announced today that customers can now deploy its Virtual Message Router (VMR) as part of cloud environments based on OpenStack, and into all regions of Amazon Web Services. The VMR already supports popular hypervisors including VMWare, Oracle VirtualBox and Linux KVM, and Solace will be adding support for more containers, datacenter operating systems and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings soon.

By expanding its support for leading virtualization products, cloud environments and related technologies, Solace is making it possible for companies to use its world-class messaging across private cloud, public cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments to tie together assets ranging from datacenters to IoT devices. By offering a fully-integrated messaging platform that can be deployed in all of these environments, as hardware or software, Solace enables total architectural flexibility and application portability.

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Solace Now Certified for Cloudera Enterprise

Combination of Real-Time Data Movement and Big Data Technology Helps Joint Customers Achieve Faster Time to Insight

OTTAWA, Ont., December 16, 2015 – Solace Systems, a leading provider of data movement technology, announced today a partnership with Cloudera, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop™. Together Solace and Cloudera make it easier for companies to continuously feed real-time data streams into big data repositories for up-to-the-minute analysis and reporting. The companies have jointly deployed with several customers in the financial services and manufacturing industries, and Solace’s technology is now certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5, the world’s most popular Apache Hadoop solution, as part of the Cloudera Certified Technology program.

“Many companies, including some of the world’s largest, trust Solace’s technology as a fast, reliable way to move high value information throughout their IT infrastructure. Certification of Solace on Cloudera Enterprise 5 means Cloudera customers can easily and with confidence ingest valuable business data from any environment into an Enterprise Data Hub” said Tim Stevens, vice president of Business and Corporate Development at Cloudera.

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Solace and DataTorrent Partner to Enable Real-Time Ingestion and Analysis of Streaming Big Data

The Combination of Solace Messaging Technology and DataTorrent RTS Provides Complete Real-Time Analytics Solution

OTTAWA, Ont., and SANTA CLARA, Calif., December 14, 2015 – Solace Systems, a leading provider of data movement technology, today announced a strategic alliance with DataTorrent, a leader in real-time big data analytics and creator of DataTorrent RTS, the world’s first open-source, enterprise-grade unified platform for both stream and batch processing on Hadoop.

With the introduction of Hadoop 2.0, an increasing number of companies are looking to move from batch-based to real-time analytics, and investing in new technologies that support the collection, filtration and analysis of real-time information.

Solace’s world-class messaging hardware and software enables streaming of very large volumes of information from diverse sources into DataTorrent RTS, giving companies the power to take action in real time and drive greater business value from their data. Solace and DataTorrent both offer elastic capacity to keep up with rising data volumes, and DataTorrent is one of the few applications that can scale to capture as much data as Solace can deliver.

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