What should I write about?

Your post should be about EDA and mention Solace products. You don’t have to be an experienced writer, as we will work with you to refine and publish your post to share with our community.

General Ideas

  • Tell us about your latest project, its architecture, challenges and how Solace technology helped solve them.
  • How to use a specific connector (check out our Integration Hub) for a specific use case.
  • How Event Portal helped your team/project overcome the challenges of implementing a decoupled EDA.
  • Create a demo and share its purpose, design decisions, and next steps + maybe it’s code in github.
  • Use Solace for free as part of a hackathon and share the outcome.

Specific Topics We’re Interested In

Process to submit your content

  1. When you send your topic via the submission form, our Developer Advocates will evaluate it to see if it is a good fit for the developer community and blog. If we think your article is in line with our needs and meets the quality standard, we will confirm we have accepted it.
  2. From the day of acceptance, we usually expect to have a final draft within 4 weeks. When the final draft is almost ready to go live, we will confirm a publication date.

Please note that submission is not a guarantee that your work will be published; we reserve the right to decline submissions that aren’t right for our audience. We may also be unable to publish your work if we are unable to get a final draft within four weeks, so please set aside a few hours for revisions!

Who Owns Your Work?

Solace will own the finished product. Solace grants you the unlimited license to promote the final product in any way you see fit, provided that it is in support of Solace’s products and services.

This means you are free to re-publish elsewhere (on your own medium page, for example). All we require is that you add a rel=canonical tag to your post wherever possible, naming the original post at Solace the canonical URL.

All that is left is to submit your idea in the form below.

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