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New Demo: Giving Insurance Agents a Field-Friendly Dashboard

insurance-demo-imageA leading insurance company in Asia was expanding so quickly that they couldn’t quite keep up with the need to give agents in new countries the ability to set up, check on and modify insurance policies in the field. I knew that between our message routing capabilities and support for web/streaming protocols I could create a dashboard that made it easy for them to do that,  so I did!

Just two days after we met with them I sent them a simple interface that demonstrated exactly the dashboard they’d been dreaming of, built by one guy in a matter of hours using Solace and REST. It shows how agents can open customer accounts, file claims, and cross-sell/up-sell existing customers, all from their tablet.

From there, of course, we talked at length about how we’d tap into their data sources, morph the dashboard to meet the different needs of each country, and deal with their real-world volume and rapid scaling issues.… Read the rest

What Developers Need to Know About Solace High Availability and Disaster Recovery

An incident at one of our investment banking customers prompted me to write this blog. Solace was recently called for help when one of their application silently died. Solace has made High Availability (HA) & Disaster Recovery (DR) very simple and built into the product itself. The objective of this blog is to help the reader understand those capabilities, how to set them up including configuration of things like reconnection attempts and timeouts.

I have used Java as the programming language. If you’re using another programming language you’ll want to refer to the appropriate user manual.

What is HA and DR?


  • High availability (HA) Two Solace message routers can be configured as a redundant pair, so that if one of the two is taken out of service or fails, its mate automatically takes over responsibility for its clients. This redundancy is largely transparent to clients and other Solace message routers in the network.

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Solace Excel Streaming Demo

excel-streaming-demoSolace appliances enable topic-based pub/sub and request/reply messaging using the unified messaging APIs. Solace provides APIs including C, C#, Java, JavaScript, SilverLight, Flash, iOS and supports Node.js. We have used C# APIs to build Automation DLL for Excel to be able to connect to the Solace appliance and able to publish/subscribe using “User Defined Functions”.

This demo uses the C# API to subscribe to messages published to the Solace appliance running in the cloud at Solace’s headquarters in Ottawa, Canada and stream data realtime on the excel spreadsheet.

Publishers can send messages to “topics” and subscribers can “listen” to topics to get matching data. A random data generator is publishing dummy market data messages for various currencies on different topics.

The topic structure is as follows:





The spreadsheet subscribes to all such data, with a valid subscription using UDF and paints the received data into the spreadsheet.… Read the rest