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New Integration Guide: Apache NiFi

I have recently created a new integration guide for an Apache project called NiFi.  NiFi is an enterprise integration and dataflow automation tool that lets you send, receive, route, transform, echo and sort data. NiFi was drafted as part of the NSA’s duty to respond to foreign-intelligence requirements, so it anticipates and aims to support high volume, high availability and absolute security. The interface is very intuitive so even non-tech savvy people can design and understand NiFi data flows.

NiFi’s support for JMS is vendor neutral and broker services can be dynamically configured by specifying a few key properties such as Connection Factory Implementation, URL, Library path, and user credential. However, the NiFi JMS service provider can only instantiate connection factories by calling zero-argument constructors, which not all JMS brokers support. Most JMS brokers do, however, support JDNI stores, so you can drop in a JNDI connection provider while preserving the integrity, simplicity and neutrality of NiFI’s design.… Read the rest

New Integration Guide: Solace and Apama Streaming Analytics CEP Software

Apama is a market-leading platform for performing streaming analytics and automating intelligent responses to fast-moving big data. Combining event processing, messaging, in-memory data management and visualization, Apama is a complete solution that can turn relentless data streams — like those produced by the Internet of Things (IoT) — into meaningful real-time metrics. Solace’s ability to efficiently route massive volumes of real-time information unlocks the full potential of Apama.

Apama Correlator’s built-in JMS adapter makes it easy to integrate Apama with JMS brokers like Solace’s. This integration guide includes a sample project that shows how to write up EPL modules and configure the JMS adapter to receive Solace messages, with message-to-event mapping the core of the project. Apama Workbench offers an GUI for mapping messages to events and vice versa, enabling Apama Correlator to efficiently and natively process external messages.

I wrote this integration guide for developers already familiar with Apama and JMS.… Read the rest