Intro to Performance of 6x10GE Network Acceleration BladeA few months ago we announced a new version of our primary I/O card, the 6x10GigE Network Acceleration Blade. With six 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, this new NAB seriously supercharges the capacity and performance of our appliance. Compared to the previously highest-capacity 2x10GE NAB – which still meets or exceeds the needs of many customers, mind you – the 6×10 has 4 times as much memory, supports 4 times more throughput, and has twice the processing capacity, compression bandwidth, and SSL encryption speed.

What’s that all add up to? It’s at least twice as fast as the 2×10, and in some use cases it quadruples the performance and/or capacity. To bring these improvements to life and show what this impressive piece of hardware can do, I’ve put together a series of four videos that focus on different aspects of this exciting new hardware.

1. A brief introduction to the hardware itself.

2. Watch our appliance handle a somewhat staggering 80Gbps of I/O. Remember, that’s 80Gbps of information being intelligently routed between a diverse and dynamic set of senders and receivers, through a single card.

3. Watch our appliance process 17 million messages a second worth of equally balanced input and output, the kind of traffic you’d see when routing real-time information between enterprise applications.

4. Watch our appliance take in 2M messages a second and fan out 16M, the kind of traffic pattern you’d be looking at when distributing information, such as market data, to large numbers of customers or partners.

I hope you find the videos interesting and informative.

Mark Spielman

Mark Spielman is a product leader with 15+ years of experience helping customers become event driven while building the products they need to become more successful. His current passion with Solace is making sure PubSub+ Cloud is the right choice for everyone looking to modernize their business and embrace event-driven transformation.

Throughout his career, he has had experience and interest in a wide range of topics including large-scale enterprise architecture, cloud platforms, developer engagement, SaaS, agile teams, cross-functional team building, operations and process improvements, product go-to-market, pricing strategies and data-driven product design.

Mark holds a B.A.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo and always enjoys learning new things.